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Crypto Pragmatist: Checkout these free crypto (trading) tools

Crypto Pragmatist | Newsletter | Apr 14, 2022

crypto trading tools - Crypto Pragmatist:  Checkout these free crypto (trading) toolsDuring our time in crypto, we've found hundreds of tools that promise to give you an edge—some good, some not so good. Finding the right tools is half the job, and garbage inputs yield garbage results.  Today, we're sharing some of our favourite tools that help us successfully navigate the crypto space. While it's not a comprehensive list by any means, we've tried to include the tools with the highest signal-to-noise ratio, all of which are tools in our daily (or at least weekly) rotation.  Oh, one more thing: they're all free.

Dune Analytics

Dune Analytics offers one of the best and most intuitive on-chain analytics platforms for both technical and non-technical investors. Crypto companies will sometimes create dashboards specific to their protocol via Dune, and these dashboards can be a useful tool to gain some additional insight into a potential investments.  One of our favorite dashboards in Dune is DEX metrics, and although it doesn't give completely comprehensive data on DEXes, it fills in a big piece of the puzzle. The best part of Dune is that, at least for retail investors, you don’t really need the to pay for the 'full' version–the paid tool is primarily for protocols and institutions.


DexScreener, tackles the long-tail universe of crypto assets, supporting price charts for nearly all cryptos on any major blockchains. If you’re looking to track price data on a recently launched microcap, DexScreener is the way to go.  Our favorite part, however, is the order book function that allows you to see and sort all of the trades that have happened on a given exchange. This feature helps you get a better idea of the magnitude and quantity of buys and sells that are taking place.

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Tax day is right around the corner, but tools like Koinly (we also like TaxBit) are extremely simple to use and could provide last-minute help to those that need it. Plug in your Coinbase, Binance, and Ethereum Address info (they’ll never need your password/seed phrase) and it’ll spit out the total capital gain/loss that you’ll be taxed on.  Most crypto tax tools are quite rudimentary and nowhere near perfect, so we recommend reconciling transactions before accepting the tax bill that gets returned to you. But compared to doing it by hand, these tools are lifesavers.


Coindix is a tool for yield farmers, showing users dashboards of interest rates and yield farms all in a single place. Whether you’re looking for super-high-yield degen ponzi farms or you just want some strong yields on your stablecoins, Coindix can point you in the right direction.  Keep in mind–the service doesn’t really evaluate risk, so it’s important to perform due diligence before trying a new strategy.

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DeFi Llama

DeFi Llama is a DeFi dashboard that helps you explore the universe of DeFi not by token price, but by a whole host of secondary metrics from TVL to market cap. With a wide range of crypto asset types from Oracles to DEXes to Bridges, DeFi Llama is a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to explore DeFi below the surface level.  We like to examine TVL and dig into the graphs that show how different layer one ecosystems develop relative to each other.

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