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DealPoint Wins Digital Commerce Calgary Fintech Awards $125K

Fintech | Oct 6, 2023

Digital Commerce Calgary Fintech Award logo - DealPoint Wins Digital Commerce Calgary Fintech Awards $125K

DealPoint, under the leadership of CEO Sandi Gilbert, clinched the top prize of $125,000 at the second annual Digital Commerce Calgary Fintech Awards held on October 4, 2023.

DealPoint, a platform designed to digitize investor onboarding and execution, emerged victorious among 150 fintech startups from across Canada that applied for the award. The platform, which serves companies, venture funds, angel networks, investment deals, and securities lawyers, aims to streamline compliance and facilitate easier access to capital in the $135 billion private capital market in Canada.  Gilbert highlighted the significance of compliance in the fintech sector, noting that DealPoint seeks to simplify the process and mitigate the risks of fines and penalties associated with non-compliance.

The event, a joint initiative of the Digital Commerce Group and Platform Calgary, not only celebrated the achievements of fintech startups but also aimed to nurture their growth through mentorship and workshops.

Blossom, a social app for investors, and Propra, an autonomous property management tool, were also in the limelight, each securing prizes of $100,000. Additionally, Elev, a tool that optimizes off-campus living for students and landlords, was honored with the Community Builder Award and a prize of $50,000.

The Digital Commerce Calgary Fintech Award goes beyond mere recognition. According to Digital Commerce Group CEO Jeff Smith, it embodies a belief in "nurturing fintech disruptors" and provides a "springboard for growth through mentorship and workshops." The competition involved an intensive three-month period of workshops and mentoring sessions for 25 selected startups, which was eventually narrowed down to 12 in August.

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As reported on Livewire Calgary, Gilbert expressed her excitement and optimism for what the future holds for DealPoint, emphasizing that the award would significantly propel the company forward.

“The exposure has been fantastic. The team’s really benefited from a lot of the workshops that we went through, and I’m just really excited about what the future looks like.”

Interestingly, Gilbert, who runs a fund in Calgary named InterGen, found herself in a unique position during the competition. Accustomed to being the one who is pitched to, being on the other side of the stage was a novel experience for her. Her experience and insights from both perspectives – as an investor and a pitcher – undoubtedly provide her with a unique viewpoint on the challenges and opportunities within the fintech sector.

Terry Rock, President and CEO of Platform Calgary, underscored the impact of local business leaders in building Calgary’s economy and highlighted that the results in the fintech space are already yielding positive outcomes in the local economy.

The success stories of DealPoint and other winners underscore the vibrant and innovative spirit within the Canadian fintech sector. As these startups continue to evolve and impact the financial technology landscape, they not only contribute to the economic development of Calgary but also pave the way for future innovators in the industry.

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NCFA Canada would like to congratulate all the winners, participants and huge shout-out to the organizers of the DC Calgary Fintech Awards, as we look towards the future.

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