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Did the Russians just back the ruble to gold? Is Bitcoin next?

Renaissancemen | Mar 25, 2022

gold telegraph - Did the Russians just back the ruble to gold?  Is Bitcoin next?The Russian government is offering them fixed amount of rubles of 5000 rubles per gram of gold. I did some rough math in my head and it came out to about $50/g in USD, and I think the going rate here is something like $60/g in USD.

But that is taking the exchange rate of the ruble to USD at about $.01 per ruble. It’s actually something like $.011.

Then this past week, we saw that Russia would sell oil to “unfriendly nations” in gold. Germany NEEDS Russian natural gas and won’t boycott it. So does Austria. Turkey already said they aren’t boycotting. Russia then selects what countries need to pay in gold for a barrel of oil.

This then means gold is the center of the system with a co-anchor of oil. And thus you then have a fixed ruble amount to gold and oil.

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It hit me that IF this is true, which I verified here which sources it from here (I don’t speak Russian) – then this could mean that Luke Gromen’s prophecy last week could come true inside of weeks. Now, Luke used an exaggeration of 1000 barrels per ounce, which would make oil $2, but I have heard many outlets where Russia feels comfortable with what we would know as $50 oil. Using rough math, that is about 40 barrels per ounce in USD. Anything over those barrels per ounce, creates the arbitrage that Luke was talking about. If it’s 50-100-1000 it makes no difference – what would happen is there would be a rush to gold from “unfriendly nations” that need gold to then pay that amount of gold for oil. For “friendly” nations, they can buy in rubles. But how would you then exchange rubles for yuan? Perhaps they have a fixed number they have in mind – and then so many yuan = so many rubles – indicating China can thus convert Yuan to gold, on demand.

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This is the BRICS versus non-BRICS financial system.

  • IF Russia is backing the ruble with gold, AND it is selling oil in gold, that then prices oil in gold for outsiders. IF an arbitrage exists for countries to buy Russian energy with gold, they will buy gold and flip it for oil, saving a lot of money.
  • This can re-price gold to whatever Russia wants it to be. My guess is this was decided well beforehand and also my guess is Putin is pushing a number that is “do-able” to the West and not meant to break all of the markets. Meaning, 50-75 barrels could crack the gold and silver market overnight into a smoking heap of shit, and end that game instantly. There is nothing the LBMA or COMEX can do when everything they have is being bought up in a day – meaning it forces prices up vertically IF they want to exist, at all. Shorts – like big Western banks, get religious experiences. As of THIS moment, they are re-thinking how short they are in gold and silver and contemplating an exit strategy next week.
  • Ukraine will be broken up – the eastern provinces will be neutral. Crimea will be Russian. Ukraine will not be NATO. That seemed to be the kinetic objective, all along.
  • The dollar is no longer the world’s reserve currency. Remember above, about the Petro dollar? The agreement was for the Saudis to buy our debt, and we buy their oil? I just saw the debt they buy from us has gone from $180b to $100b. I see we only buy 9% of their oil. China needs a lot of that.
  • Much of the world will start to buy commodities from Russia and Side B in gold, IF they want to trade with them.

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Where we go from here

I do not think it’s wrong to call this World War 3, but not as the way you would picture it. I believe what you are about to see is a mix of…

  1. kinetic war (Russia vs Ukraine) and possibly China vs Taiwan
  2. Currency wars – USD hegemony at stake.
  3. Cyber wars – if you can deprive your enemy of the ability to communicate and send signals, you may dominate warfare.
  4. Space wars – we have supersonic missiles and a Space Force
  5. Propaganda Wars – both sides have their fair share going on
  6. Commodity wars – the paper-backed Western exchanges versus the Eastern-backed physical exchanges. Russia has been a student going back to 2004 on how the West manipulates metals prices.
  7. Market wars – If they can take down the dollar, how are our companies valued relative to other things?
  8. Trade Wars – you have the Chinese belt initiative at play with Russian commodities looking to sell in gold

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