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EQ Bank and FundMore Partner to Optimize Mortgage Lending

Release | Jun 19, 2024

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FundMore and Equitable Bank Announce Partnership to Improve Mortgage Lending

FundMore, an artificial intelligence-powered mortgage underwriting platform, has scored a partnership with Equitable Bank, Canada's seventh-largest independent Schedule I challenger bank. This collaboration intends to streamline and improve the mortgage process, making it more efficient and accessible to borrowers across Canada.

  • The major purpose of this collaboration is to use FundMore's innovative technology to improve Equitable Bank's mortgage operations.
  • FundMore's platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate and improve mortgage underwriting accuracy, saving time and effort on mortgage approvals. This integration is expected to benefit both borrowers and lenders by reducing response times and improving risk evaluations.

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  • Quicker decision-making will also improve the overall customer experience while reducing the paperwork often involved with mortgage applications.
  • Initially, the new services will be provided in major markets such as British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. There are intentions to expand further depending on the success of the initial rollout and market demand. This strategic expansion aims to meet the needs of various customer groups, including owner-occupied purchases, refinances, and rental property investments.

Mahima Poddar, SVP and Group Head of Personal Banking at Equitable Bank, stated:

“Partnering with FundMore to implement the new LOS is a natural extension of Equitable Bank’s challenger commitment to drive change in Canadian banking. This AI-enhanced tool will allow us to unlock new levels of turnaround time, satisfaction, and engagement for our mortgage broker partners and employees. We are excited to work alongside a like-minded organization in FundMore as we continue to advance our innovation agenda and set new industry standards for excellence in mortgage lending.”​

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By integrating the latest AI tech together with robust banking services, we can expect to see efficiencies and improvements in the near future.

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