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Crowdsourcing: Equity Crowdfunding FAQ in Canada

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NCFA Canada | Craig Asano | Nov 28, 2013

FAQ equity crowdfunding in Canada - Crowdsourcing:  Equity Crowdfunding FAQ in Canada

In response to receiving a high volume of questions pertaining to the current status of equity crowdfunding regulations in Canada, NCFA is crowdsourcing a list of the most popular FAQs that we will host/maintain on the site (together with accurate and responses).

The goal is to get a tight set of Q&A to help educate NCFA members and others on the current state of equity crowdfunding in Canada, as well as the pros/cons of a potential exemption.

Equity Crowdfunding FAQ

To kick things off, NCFA has compiled a list of general questions (see below):

  1. What is the definition of equity crowdfunding?

  2. What is the current status of equity crowdfunding in Canada?

    Crowdsourcing FAQs - Crowdsourcing:  Equity Crowdfunding FAQ in Canada

  3. How do I know equity crowdfunding is right for me?

  4. What are the other ways I can raise early stage seed capital (up to $1.5 million) for my company?

  5. What are the challenges of regulating equity crowdfunding in Canada?

  6. I’m interested in supporting the advancement of equity crowdfunding in Canada, how can I help?

  7. What are the risks of equity crowdfunding for investors and how will investors be protected?

  8. What are the expected returns on investment with equity crowdfunding in international jurisdictions where equity crowdfunding is permitted?

  9. I’m a Canadian company, can I raise funds down in the U.S. or in other international jurisdictions using the internet?

  10. How do I get listed on your website’s Crowdfunding Directory as a portal or provider?

  11. I have an innovative hybrid equity-crowdfunding model.  Who should I speak with to help determine if it’s on the right side of up-and-coming equity crowdfunding regulations?

  12. What educational resources are available to learn more about equity crowdfunding?

  13. I have additional questions not on the FAQ?



Please review the thought starter FAQ Questions (above) and enter your question(s) below with any new questions that you'd like answered pertaining to equity crowdfunding in Canada.  Alternatively, please feel free to email your questions directly to

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If you have a question about how equity crowdfunding in Canada works, the chances are that someone else has a similar question. Your feedback and participation is highly important to this knowledge gap/sharing process.  Please feel free to circulate amongst your network(s) or share via social media by clicking the "Share" button above.

Thanks for submitting your questions!

All the best,

NCFA Canada Team


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share save 171 16 - Crowdsourcing:  Equity Crowdfunding FAQ in Canada

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