Event Halifax (Aug 7, 2013): Crowdfunding > What it is and how to benefit from it


NCFA Canada  |  Andy Osburn  |  July 25, 2013


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Where:  Volta - Halifax Startup House, Halifax, Nova Scotia

When:   Wednesday, August 7, 2013 @12pm - 1pm (ADT)

Event Sponsor:  About Volta



Join crowdfunding experts, Andy Osburn and Julia Rivard, for an open and engaging discussion regarding the current state and future of crowdfunding. The discussion will cover the various types of crowdfunding, the future for equity crowdfunding in Canada and Nova Scotia and their own experiences in building crowdfunding platforms.


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Julia_Rivard1Julia is partner at Norex. Julia and her partner Leah Skerry have launched Pursu.it, a crowd-funding platform for Canadian Athletes which has raised over 100,000 for athletes in less than eight months. The platform is now being built to license out to other organizations who want to run their own crowd-funding campaigns and will be available this fall.






Andy Osburn

Andy is CEO at Equals6 and Atlantic Advisor to the National Crowdfunding Association of Canada. Recognizing that many students today face serious financial roadblocks to education, Equals6 has launched a new crowdfunding service to help its members pay for school. Students can create online scholarship campaigns that include contribution levels as low as $10 and rewards for campaign backers. Students can easily promote their campaigns through Equals6 and social networks.


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