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Event Montreal (Nov 26, 2012): Crowdfund Night 6:00-9:00PM (EST)

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crowdfunding night 300x84 - Event Montreal (Nov 26, 2012):  Crowdfund Night 6:00-9:00PM (EST)

Monday, November 26, 2012 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (EST)

Montreal, Canada

“Crowdfunding is nothing new. What most people don't know is that the Statue of Liberty was crowdfunded. What's different now is that you have access to so many more people than you otherwise would”- Erica Labovisz, director of marketing indiegogo.com, 2011.

Interested in crowdfunding? Crowdfund Night brings together the new generation of creative artists, Montréal entrepreneurs and makers who want to bypass traditional ways of funding and use new platforms such as indiegogo, kickstarter (or Etsy and other platforms) to make their dreams come true.

Crowdfund Night schedule is in three parts:

6.00pm Market : dedicated space to showcase upcoming campaigns, sharing and telling your work. Take a "Entrepreneur, Artist, Maker" ticket and send an email to showcase your campaign!

6.45pm Presentation & demos: we will invite a key speaker to bring insights on making your crowdfunding campaign successful. Next, discover 3 inspiring campaigns currently featured on indiegogo, kickstarter or local platforms such as laplebe or fundo.ca, and how they are doing it.

7.30pm Community announcements: If you're looking for help, have jobs or upcoming campaigns, you are welcomed to announce it to the crowd

7.30pm to 9.00pm Talk to other crowdfunders, get valuable connections


Event tickets proceeds

In the spirit of crowdfunding, we will give all proceeds of the event to projects selected by the crowd.


Tweeting is sexy

twittercrowdfundnight - Event Montreal (Nov 26, 2012):  Crowdfund Night 6:00-9:00PM (EST)

Hashtag for the event: #CrowdfundNight . Pitch your project on Twitter in 140 chars with this hashtag to get feedback from other attendees during the event!

People to follow: @heri @brurakoto @seedingfactory


The event will take place in Notman House, a space dedicated to innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurs, and embodies the creative spirit of "Crowdfund Night".


Heri Rakotomalala brings together Montreal's tech startup scene, with MTL NewTech, MontrealTechWatch, and many other initiatives. He is also a member of the Howl! arts collective.

Bruno Rakotozafy is a marketer and strategist, involved in different innovative projects, plus a crowdfunding evangelist. He is also a young investor who participated in the first successful worldwide equity crowdfunding deal for a biotech startup.

SeedingFactory is focused on innovative sources of funding.

Thanks to Notman House for hosting this event!

We are volunteering to organize this event, and at great costs in doing so. We are looking for additional sponsors to make this event possible, from organizations whowant to support the new generation of creative Montrealers. Contact the event organizer heri@madmedia.ca for more info

Go to Registration Page:  here


share save 171 16 - Event Montreal (Nov 26, 2012):  Crowdfund Night 6:00-9:00PM (EST)

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