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Event Toronto (Sept 19, 2013): TechCONNEX Crowdfunding Seminar

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via TechCONNEX | Pat shaw | Posted on Sept 9, 2013

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Event Details:

Date: Sept 19, 2013

Time: 8:00am – 10:30am

Location: MCC- 7271 Warden Avenue, Markham ON L3R 5X5 (Google map)

Registration: NCFA Member – $50.85 (CAD)


Crowdfunding is one of the newest and most innovative forms of funding for businesses today. It is an area with huge potential for growth of those businesses that access the interest and imagination of “the crowd”.

Crowdfunding is an avenue for entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMBs to solicit working capital from non-accredited investors. Many investors in “the crowd” will be from family, friends, Angels and Venture groups, pre-existing networks, mentors, and former colleagues.

As an attendee you will:

  • Learn about the dramatic growth of the Crowdfunding market
  • How to promote value and visibility for your idea or solution
  • Develop an extensive understanding of the most effective ways to achieve Crowdfunding goals
  • Learn the fundamental elements of an effective Social Media marketing campaign to support your goals
  • Learn about the legal, legislative, financial and compliance aspects of Crowdfunding
  • Learn about Crowdfunding business practices and insights from Canadian success stories
  • Prepare to network your way to a successful campaign


1022asano - Event Toronto (Sept 19, 2013):  TechCONNEX Crowdfunding Seminar

Craig Asano, Founder and Executive Director of the National Crowdfunding Association of Canada

NCFA Canada works closely with industry partners, technology platforms, academia, affiliate groups and business associations to create a strong and vibrant crowdfunding industry and voice across Canada. Craig has over 15 years of experience as a marketer, software technologist and start-up entrepreneur in technology, finance, manufacturing and real estate sectors.  He is an accomplished world traveler and interested in the digital channel and emerging trends in culture and technology.

wimoto1 150x150 - Event Toronto (Sept 19, 2013):  TechCONNEX Crowdfunding SeminarMarc Nicholas, Chief Technology Officer, Wimoto Technologies, Inc.

Learn best practices from Marc how Wimoto Technologies successfully raised $160,000 from multiple Crowdfunding campaigns from over 1,300 investors.  Wimotos are a family of small, wireless sensors for your iPhone, iPad, Android, Linux or Raspberry Pi device that measure environmentals such as ambient temperature, humidity, light, soil moisture, soil temperature, object temperature, human presence and movement. You can upload your data to our cloud service for analysis via our free app, or use the optional Wimoto Cloud Cube to do it for you in realtime via Wifi.


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About TechCONNEX

Take advantage of the strength and network of our 30-year history; with a reach extending throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). With over 200 member companies, TechConnex provides a unique opportunity to interact with many senior people who have experienced challenges similar to yours. LEARN MORE


share save 171 16 - Event Toronto (Sept 19, 2013):  TechCONNEX Crowdfunding Seminar

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