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NCFA Canada  |  Craig Asano  |  Oct 18, 2013

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Toronto, ON  -- On Oct 10, 2013, NCFA Canada hosted another successful crowdfunding event and forum with 80+ gathering at the Centre of Social Innovation (Annex) from 6-9pm EDT  bringing together industry stakeholders including startups and business owners, portal operators, integration consultants, providers, regulators and securities lawyers to share 'inside' stories of how 'How Crowdfunding is Transforming Canada', celebrate NCFA Canada's 1st year Anniversary and witness an exciting crowdfunding pitch competition.

The event kicked off with attendees enjoying a short networking session while the ING presentation room was prepared for this unique 'story telling' event.  The NCFA team welcomed members and guests with a celebratory 1st year anniversary achievement message followed by a sponsor's message from CSI Catalyst.

Session #1:  "How Crowdfunding is Transforming Canada" opened with Craig Asano telling the story of how NCFA Canada was formed followed by Brian Koscak who provided a legal update and overview of the crowdfunding landscape.  Rick Whiler was then called upon to provide an update from the OSC's perspective on the potential for an equity crowdfunding exemption in Ontario.  Rounding out the first session, Suzanne Paschall dialed-in via Skype from Saskatoon to announce an exciting collaboration between NCFA and Indie Ink Publishing to launch what is likely Canada's first 100% Crowdsourced and Crowdfunded book (about Crowdfunding of course)!

Session #2:  Crowdfunding Pitch Competition had 7 pitchers promote their projects ranging from wearable technologies to non-profit social impact based campaigns.  Each pitcher had 5 mins max plus use of audio/video equipment to impress a panel of crowdfunding expert judges and an active crowd.  Judges then provided direct and constructive feedback to participants which was highly valuable to all in attendance.  To determine the winning pitch and finalists, votes were crowdsourced and tallied.  Congratulations to Matthew Stein of KnowRoaming for his winning pitch (disruptive SIM stickers for affordable calls and web abroad), and to finalists Ashley Beattie of Kiwi Wearables (more) and Vladimir Baranov's orthotics without shoes of Walk Sock (site).

Session #3:  Networking was catered by CSI Coffee Pub who served copious trays of gourmet Italian meats and world cheeses perfectly pairing with Mill Street's Organic lager and other beverages on offer.


Special thanks to the following participants and supporters of NCFA Canada:

A big thank you goes out to our event sponsors, industry participants, special guests, NCFA Canada members (and prospective members) and all attendees who came out to this event on such short notice (stem to stern in 8 days) clearly demonstrating their ability to stay plugged in and on top of an industry that evolves at lightening speed.

1. Sponsor:  The venue was sponsored by CSI Catalyst, a portal operated in partnership between HiveWire and CSI.

2. SponsorMill Street Brewery kindly sponsored this industry and community event by supplying premium product that was enjoyed by all attendees (Mill Street Organic gets two thumbs up).

3.  Special Guests:  Rick Whiler and Jennifer Jeffrey of the Ontario Securities Commission (both involved with the appointed advisory committee reviewing a prospective crowdfunding exemption in Ontario)

4.  Speakers (in order of appearance):  Pat Shaw (Founder/MD, Amplifi), Craig Asano (Founder/Executive Director, NCFA Canada), Brian Koscak (Chairman, EMDA), Rick Whiler (Corporate Finance, OSC), Adam Spence (SVX Lead and Associate Director, MaRS), Suzanne Paschall (CEO, IndieInk)

5.  Pitch Competition Judges:  John Wires (Founder, Wires Law), James Cooper (Director/Author, Kickstarter for Filmmakers), Rajen Sanghvi (Director, Shoplocket), Christopher Charlesworth (Co-founder, HiveWire)

6.  Crowdfunding Pitchers (in order)Gwen Elliot (Co-founder, GPS University), Vladimir Baranov (Founder, Walk Sock), Ryan Doherty (Founder, I Am Sick), Matthew Stein (Co-founder/CTO, KnowRoaming), Jan Brown (Founder, Jananas), Ashley Beattie (Co-founder, Kiwi Wearables), Mike Heinrich (Evans Health), Julia Simone  (Researcher, Canadian Geothermal Energy Association)


100% Crowdsourced and Crowdfunded Book Project Announced (NCFA - Indie Ink Publishing)

How Crowdfunding is Transforming Canada

Photo:  Rick Whiler - OSC Update

Rick Whiler OSC update

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NCFA Canada Crowd






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