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FFCON20 Draft Shortlist Your virtual technical team

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With technical job creation outpacing the rate of technical studies graduates, demand for software developers is high. As a result, competition for in-house software development talent is expensive.

The rapidly growing Fintech space requires top-notch development teams to push the limits of new financial experiences. Ideas in fintech are plentiful, but the challenge is a lack of technical capability.

Recognizing this need, was founded in 2016 to provide digital innovation services to customers in the Fintech ecosystem. specializes in web, mobile, and blockchain application development. They have a track record of providing technical expertise at all stages of product development.

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Acting as a trusted software development partner, the company leverages its expertise in software technology and finance by working closely with a client’s core team. Their mission is to deliver results while cutting time to completion, costs, and stress.

As a part of their product mix, they also deliver technical training to their Fintech partners.’s training initiatives involved gamifying financial literacy training in the classroom for Junior Achievement. They also delivered a budget simulation experience that changes the way students learn about personal finance as part of the organization’s Dollar with Sense program.

At the enterprise level, the team helped accelerate the adoption of modern web and mobile technologies for Manulife. With their expertise, multiple teams at Manulife were trained on the latest web development technology to build the next generation of financial tools and products. nailed the shortlist, so check them out at the FFCON20 RISE Fintech Draft. 

Check out their profile or If you like what you see, show them some love and give them your vote.

FFCON20 Fintech Draft  - FFCON20 Draft Shortlist Your virtual technical team

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