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Following smart money crypto whale wallets

Reddit | cannainform2 | Jan 10, 2022

Whale alert - Following smart money crypto whale walletsWhat is a Whale Wallet?

Whales are loosely defined as anyone with a ‘large’ amount of crypto assets. Large hedge funds and investment groups such as Pantera Capital and Greyscale Investments are notable names that have been accumulating Bitcoin (and other cryptos) for quite some time now, but the typical whale is a private and anonymous multi-million dollar investor.

Different whales have different approaches to crypto. Some Bitcoin whales own billions in $BTC, only moving Bitcoin around to cash out. Others participate in DeFi ecosystems, small-cap gem hunting, or yield farming alongside retail investors.

Gaining an Edge from Whale Wallets

Finding a whale wallet is quite simple as blockchains are public ledgers, giving all users access into all transaction history. All that’s needed is a quick search in a blockchain explorer for the token you are researching.

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If you’re looking for a specific token, just search “X token + blockchain explorer” to find the public ledger for that asset. Websites like have a token “holders” tab which will automatically organize by position size.

Another way to find whale wallets is through transaction analytics companies and ‘whale watcher’ social media accounts and. The twitter account Whale Alert aggregates transactions through their public API and will tweet any transaction greater than $1 million USD.

Once you have a couple wallets in mind for the tokens you like to follow, use a platform that allows you to keep a watchlist to keep update on whale movements (like

What to Watch Out For

There are always new projects and tokens to find from whale wallets. Whales often have insider information and can frequently bet small chunks of their portfolio for massive gains. But they can easily be wrong: keep that in mind before thinking that $2 million allocation to $MUSH, which is actually .5% of their portfolio, is the next 100x. Respect the elders, but practice caution.

Look at recent transaction history. will show most tokens from most blockchains. Are recent transactions trading out of current holdings and moving to stables? A quick scroll through 7d97’s history shows all recent transactions on Fantom network, with a pretty sizable stablecoin yield farming position in 3pool on Curve. Maybe they’re bullish on Fantom, but holding stablecoins for a drawdown.

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Sort out the noise. Wallet 00a4 has received hundreds of transactions over the past month that are worth less than a penny. But within all of that, a handful of transactions in $CRV and $CVX predicted the runup.

Yield Farming is a significant allocation of all these whale wallets. With more capital, yield farming becomes a more effective strategy. But keep in mind it requires careful attention, and many beginner investors are better off with buy-and-hold strategies

Often, whales use multiple wallets so you will never get a full picture of their holdings and their outlook on markets. Whales have different challenges and strong suits than small investors, and thus will trade in different ways.

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