From Germany to Canada – Music Made Possible through Crowdfunding

Rockethub | February 11, 2013

JOHNA, Singer, Songwriter, German Pop Artist

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For us, for a German band, it is incredible to be invited to perform at a huge festival like the Canadian Music Fest. To fly to Toronto, even for one show, means inspiration for our music, means doing something very special and means living a part of our dream. Last year we played about a dozen shows along the West Coast of the United States and Canada, from San Diego up to Vancouver. Being a German Singer/Songwriter Band, this is the holy grail of music. The musical scene in Canada and the US is so huge, so intensive and it gives so much inspiration to us. So every contact with it is worthwhile, even for one night.

There are always supporters who immediately start their support when they read about the project. Then you have the ones you have to convince twice or the ones you have to remind. And especially in Germany using a credit card isn´t that easy for some supporters. So sometimes we got cash shipped by mail. Our older fans in Germany often don´t have a credit card or are not online that much or at all. And the younger fans don´t have that much money do be part of that support. So you have to look the personal need of every single supporter 🙂

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We do not offer advice but a hint - that you should work everyday to get your project heard and seen. You need to post it every single day. Go tell as many people as you can about it. Keep it easy and simple. And communicate it as a deal not a question for a donation. We don´t want a kind of welfare. We offer something.

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