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FrontFundr’s Impactful ‘Capital for the Community Campaign

Fundraising | Dec 21, 2023

FrontFundr and Covenant House Community for Capital Campaign - FrontFundr's Impactful 'Capital for the Community Campaign

FrontFundr's pioneering 'Capital for the Community' campaign stands as a testament to the power of collective action and shared vision

The "Capital for the Community" campaign by FrontFundr started on December 1st and ended on December 15th. This timeframe was specifically chosen for the campaign, focusing on a period of 15 days, which they referred to as the "15 Days of Christmas" During this period, FrontFundr committed to donating 2% of the value of all investments made in eligible community campaigns to Covenant House, a non-profit organization supporting youth experiencing homelessness.  The campaign, a first of its kind, not only set a new precedent in community-focused investment but also illuminated the path for future endeavors in social impact investing.

Successful Campaign Impact

The campaign's success story is one for the books. With an impressive completion of 133 investments, FrontFundr has injected $309,503 into promising companies, fostering growth and innovation. But the impact doesn't stop there.

The campaign also facilitated a generous donation of $4,390 to Covenant House Vancouver. Thanks to a triple matching campaign provided by the generosity of Kim and Bryan James, a total of $8,780 was collectively raised enabling Covenant House to:

  • Provide warm and nutritious meals
  • Provide holistic support and a safe space
  • Offer medical attention and support
  • Provide warmth and protection from extreme cold weather
  • And much more

Campaign funding was also provided to Covenant House Toronto.  In Toronto, Frontfundr is collaborating with Kits for a Cause to assemble and provide essential kits for young people facing homelessness. These kits, thoughtfully curated with practical items, are designed to offer comfort and warmth during challenging times.

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Take, for instance, the Winter Warmth Kit – it's packed with necessities like gloves or mittens, thermal socks, a polar fleece blanket, an emergency blanket, a cozy winter hat or toque, a fleece scarf, lip balm, body lotion, and a sleeping bag. Each item in these kits is carefully selected to provide maximum comfort and protection against the harsh winter elements.

Gratitude and the Ripple Effect of Compassion

As we edge closer to 2024, FrontFundr's message of gratitude resonates deeply within the community. This campaign was a collaborative effort with support from investors, entrepreneurs, partners, and the community at large.

The 'Capital for the Community' campaign is a pioneering model in social impact investing. By donating 2% of the value of all investments in eligible community campaigns, FrontFundr ensured that each investment not only supported a company but also contributed to a noble cause. This innovative approach has set a new standard in the intersection of business and social responsibility.

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The collective support has been a lifeline, enabling Covenant House to offer meals, safe spaces, medical support, and warmth during harsh winters. The total impact of $8,780 is a testament to what can be achieved when compassion and investment go hand in hand.

A Call to Action

As we applaud FrontFundr's remarkable achievements, let's also take this as a call to action. Let's be inspired to invest not just in businesses, but in communities, in people, and in our collective future. The 'Capital for the Community' campaign is a movement.  A shift in how we perceive the power of investment. Let's carry this torch forward, illuminating paths of hope, change, and community solidarity.

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