Fundchange winds down and thanks sponsor, donors, charities and supporters! Together we raised over $100,000


Source:  Fundchange via @ideavibes
12/07/12 Ottawa – The host of one of Canada's first crowdfunding websites [launched in 2010] Ideavibes is winding down Fundchange and focusing on its core crowdsourcing and citizen engagement platform. With generous seed funding from TELUS, Fundchange helped over 20 charities and non-profit organizations across Canada raise over $120,000.

"We want to thank our sponsor TELUS, the charities and non-profits that joined, and the hundreds of donors for participating in helping Fundchange make change in Canada happen, one project at a time," Paul Dombowsky, founder and ceo of Ideavibes and Fundchange.


Fundchange 1 Year Infographic Learnings:

Total Projects Posted:  54
Projects Fully Funded:  13
Total Impact:  $156,586 ($50k matched by Telus)
Average Time to Fund Projects:  25 Days
Number of Funders: 251
Funders New to Charities:  54%

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