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Funding Campaign: The ABC’s of Canadian Black History Kit ONLINE

BlacBiblio | Jo-Ann DaPonte | Oct 15, 2020

Canadian black history kit online - Funding Campaign:  The ABC's of Canadian Black History Kit ONLINEI am hoping that you, like me, want to redeem 2020 by making a positive impact in the lives of children and teens!

Finding out about the campaign to bring The ABC's of Canadian Black History Kit ONLINE inspired me to do my part to ensure that our kids can see themselves in the positive, real stories of Black Canadians and that their teachers can equip them to think critically about what they see today, and tomorrow, and to act purposefully!    I immediately decided to support the campaign and share with my friends and family.

The kit is the ONLY turnkey resource that’s available in Canada and every teacher needs it to easily plan and deliver engaging lessons and activities that kids excited about learning their history AND ready to talk about the important issues like racism, discrimination, social justice and what’s going on in today’s world. Take a look at the kit on

Do you share my commitment to ensuring that ALL future generations know the real history of the Black Canadians that helped build our country? 

If so, please join me in supporting the campaign to Bring the ABC's of Canadian Black History ONLINE before February 2021’s Black History Month.  With the current social issues, and the impact of COVID on the school system, changemakers like YOU need to help to make this critical resource accessible and affordable for students in ALL learning environments across Canada!

Each campaign donor gets rewards from The ABC’s of Black Canadian Kit resources that are equal or greater than the value of their donation, for their family or their favourite school. All printed rewards can be delivered before Christmas, so you give the gift of Black History!

You may not know that Kickstarter campaigns are ALL or NOTHING ventures. The campaign ends November 2, 2020 and your pledge is only taken if the campaign is successful. Please make your pledge today and SHARE this email with your friends and family.  You can also follow on Facebook and Instagram.

I hope you will take the opportunity to join me as a CHANGEMAKER in 2020!

Kickstarter Campaign:

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