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global fintech program - Global Fintech Program

The Big Bang: Financial Sector meets Disruptive Tech

How do you create a new financial system? By breaking down the entire system into its individual components, then rebuilding and updating them with modern technology and a new vision.

The process of innovation in the financial sector is driven by hungry entrepreneurs and fresh thinking. It is driven by a need to upgrade an extractive, systemically risky global enterprise of finance, while providing access to the citizens of the world.

Unencumbered by legacy regulations, Fintech firms are taking full advantage of their relative freedom to develop fresh financial opportunities. While large technology firms are testing new visions of financial services in low barrier to entry countries, western nations are quickly being graced with a growing army of Fintech unicorns.

With more than $39B invested in 2018 across the world the Fintech space continues to attract healthy investment and attention from seasoned investors. With a multi trillion dollar financial pie to munch on, Fintech has lots of room to grow and prosper in the years ahead.

As the vision of the financial system continues to evolve, numerous new opportunities will be created for savvy players. Entrepreneurs looking for a way to help shape the future. And for business leaders looking for ways to leapfrog their competition with the most up to date Fintech tools.

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Back To The Future: Designed to help you explore what’s shaping the industry


Discover the future of Fintech

Explore its foundational building blocks, trends and gain in-depth insight into the companies shaping the financial system of the future. In the Global Fintech program, we’ve brought together a select group of the industry’s leaders, successful entrepreneurs and global thinkers.


With the Global Fintech program you are invited to:

✓ Get ready to take advantage of new Fintech opportunities.

✓ Gain an edge against your competition.

✓ Absorb expert instruction, insight and inspiration from innovators.

✓ Open your mind to visions of the financial system of the future.

✓ Explore the efficiencies resulting from modern technology and future thinking.

✓ Learn how user experience in tech innovation is being used to shape the future of the financial industry.

✓ Conceptualize how Fintech companies are using lean startup and agile methodologies to aggressively reshape areas of finance.

✓ Get insight into various areas of the industry, who the top players are and what they are working on.

✓ Identify current industry trends now and into the future.

✓ Develop insight into how Fintech leaders think and why they are pursuing the solution they are building.





Introduction to Fintech: The history and evolution of Fintech from the early years to the modern time and the current state of the Fintech industry and ecosystem.

✓ The history and evolution of Fintech ✓ The current state of Fintech and its impact on the financial sector ✓ Global overview of the Fintech ecosystem ✓ Key industry figures and trends


Why Fintech is The Future: Examine the factors behind the rise of Fintech and why it matters.

✓ The 2008 financial crisis and loss of confidence and trust ✓ Competition and the rise of the millennial customer ✓ Banking the un-banked (The under-served billions) ✓ Technology innovation and convergence - Data-Focused Technologies - Front-End Interface - Operational Excellence - Infrastructural Enablers


The Essential Fintech Building Blocks: Explore the key building blocks and technology infrastructure of Fintech.

✓ Identity Verification (KYC, AML) ✓ Compliance ✓ E-Signature ✓ Anti-fraud ✓ Credit Scoring ✓ Payment Processing ✓ Market Data ✓ Custody ✓ Money Transfers ✓ Cybersecurity ✓ Account Aggregation ✓ Real-time Underwriting




Back To The Future: Designed to help you explore what’s shaping the industry

▶ Fintech Business & Revenue Models:  How do fintechs practice value creation using innovative customer-centric business and revenue models.

✓ Peer-To-Peer (P2P) Lending ✓ Alternative Financing — Equity Crowdfunding ✓ Online VCs ✓ Digital Wealth Management (Robo-Advisors) ✓ Marketplaces vs. lenders ✓ Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies  ✓ Smart contracts ✓ Comparison marketplaces, P2P, and usage-based Insurance (UBI) ✓ Real-time underwriting


▶ The Key Drivers Fintech Innovation:  Discover the key drivers of fintechs success in better understanding their customers and improve their experience. 

✓ Analytics-based personalized offerings ✓ Artificial intelligence and machine learning ✓ Sensor-based technologies ✓ Biometrics and secure identity authentication ✓ Intuitive user interface ✓ Using gamification to engaging customers ✓ Augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) ✓ Platformification ✓ Using the cloud to be more agile and flexible ✓ Leveraging open APIs to create a robust ecosystem. ✓ Robotic process automation ✓ Revolutionizing customer service with chatbots ✓ Distributed ledger technology (DLT)


▶ The Future of Financial Services:  Examine the key trends shaping the industry and the path forward. 

✓ Lending ✓ Blockchain/ Crypto ✓ Regtech ✓ Personal Finance ✓ Payments/ Billing ✓ Insurance ✓ Capital Markets ✓ Wealth Management ✓ Money Transfer/ Remittances ✓ Mortgage/ Real Estate



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