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Google Flutter for Web Development

Guest Post | Oct 13, 2020

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Google Flutter for Web Development

The industry of mobile app development is growing rapidly, which makes many companies focus on mobile rather than web development. However, finding a perfect balance between investing in both mobile and web applications is what makes businesses truly successful. Flutter is one of the modern and relatively fresh frameworks that have been grabbing the attention of both iOS and Android app programmers (  It has been widely used for building new apps from scratch or implementing some elements to enhance the already existing programs. Recently, Flutter got to another level by opening opportunities for web development as well.

While creating mobile applications for smartphones and tablets is the main priority for many businesses now, Flutter opens new horizons in web programming. It allows building responsive and engaging platforms, which can considerably improve customer satisfaction and the overall productivity of a business.


Flutter Solutions for Web Development Provided by Google

Before describing the advantages of using Flutter for application building, it is important to know what this software is. Flutter is a toolkit created by Google to have a convenient cross-platform development solution. At first, it was used for Android and iOS development, which still offered great opportunities for coding across different platforms. The unified codebase and other advantages attracted many app developers to try Flutter instead of other similar software development kits. But now, the possibilities expanded even further, with Flutter allowing coding for portable devices and desktop computers at the same time.

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It is an open-source toolkit, which allows more people to have easy access to it. Google is known for providing top-quality software, and Flutter is no exception. It uses Dart programming languages, which gives developers and designers the freedom to work with different platforms. It is compatible with JavaScript, HTML, and other languages used for the web. Thanks to the language used in Flutter, you can program a code for mobile application and incorporate it for the web without additional changes.

Benefits of flutter - Google Flutter for Web Development

The Benefits of Choosing Flutter for Building Web Apps

There are many reasons that made Flutter this popular so quickly. Even after the first launch, it already had a lot to offer. But now, with web development solutions joining in, there is plenty of room for making this toolkit even better. Here are some of the key benefits of using Flutter:

  •  Open source solutions – this feature makes Flutter open for any designer and programmer from all around the globe. Open source solutions also provide more flexibility than the software you have to pay for. In the long run, this choice is beneficial for both programmers and clients.


  •  Quick and convenient development – with Flutter, you will be able to visualize your future app at any stage of development. After implementing any changes, it is easy to see how they work in the app in real-time. Bug testing becomes quicker and easier thanks to the Hot Reload feature.


  •  Convenient programming language – Dart is the best solution for working with cross-platform programs. It is compatible with most templates and platforms, which allows clean development without rewriting the code each time.


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