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Grant: Fast Funding for COVID-19 Science

Fast Grants | Apr 7, 2020

Covid 19 fast grants - Grant:  Fast Funding for COVID-19 ScienceScience funding mechanisms are too slow in normal times and may be much too slow during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fast Grants are an effort to correct this.

If you are a scientist at an academic institution currently working on a COVID-19 related project and in need of funding, we invite you to apply for a Fast Grant. Fast Grants are $10k to $500k and decisions are made in under 48 hours. If we approve the grant, you'll receive payment as quickly as your university can receive it.

The grants are currently supported by: John Collison, Patrick Collison, the Crankstart Foundation, Kim and Scott Farquhar, Paul Graham, Reid Hoffman, Fiona McKean and Tobias Lütke, Yuri and Julia Milner, and Chris and Crystal Sacca. AWS has contributed compute credits.

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Who is eligible to apply for a Fast Grant?

You must be:

  • A PI at an academic institution;
  • Already working on a project that could help with the COVID-19 pandemic within the next six months;
  • In need of additional funding to complete the project.

Researchers outside the US are eligible for funding.

When can I apply?

Fast Grants open at 12:00 Pacific Time on Tuesday, April 7, 2020. We will wait until Sunday, April 12 before we award our first grants in order to give our reviewers time to calibrate. Subsequent decisions will be made within 48 hours. (That is: applications submitted before April 12 will be reviewed within the 48 hours following April 12.)

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