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HiveWire Crowdfunding Workshop

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HiveWire  Posted June 3, 2013

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Workshop Overview:

Date:  June 15, 2013 (9:00am - 4:00pm)

Venue:  Centre for Social Innovation (CSI)

Address:  215 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, ON, M5T 2C7, Canada (Google Map)

Cost:  $150.00

Phone:  416-931-5748


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Interested in using crowdfunding to help raise funds for your business, organization, or project? Deciding to create a crowdfunding campaign is truly only the beginning of an intensive process. We’ll provide you the crowdfunding essentials alongside proprietary information that you need to plan, execute, and successfully see your crowdfunding visions through to completion. You will learn the practical information, strategies and tips to help you reach your fundraising goals.  In addition we’ll give you a set of tools that can help you achieve best practice in your crowdfunding campaign. Crowdfunding is not easy, but with our assistance you can conduct the careful planning and rigorous execution that you need to achieve success.

This is an interactive workshop where you have a chance to share your own ideas and receive feedback and guidance.  You will leave with an understanding of the crowdfunding industry, have all the tools and knowledge you need to execute a successful crowdfunding campaign, and have fresh ideas as to how you could better leverage crowdfunding.  You will leave with the confidence, knowing you are ready to make your campaign a success!


The Fundamentals:

  • Crowdfunding Overview

  • Market Overview

  • Platform Selection

  • Campaign Best Practices

  • Data insights

  • Case Studies

Campaign Content and Preparation:

  • Align your business model with your crowdfunding campaign

  • The Story Arc (What/When/Why/How you communicate)

  • Making your video

  • Designing rewards that matter, stand out, and work

  • Budgeting for your campaign

  • Choosing your target Raise

  • Testing your campaign

  • Assessing your network strength

  • Case Studies

Marketing your campaign:

  • Planning your marketing campaign

  • Prepping your networks

  • How to leverage your networks

  • Communications plan: How to market along your story arc (social media, frequency, transparency)

  • Strategies to leverage your social media network

  • Marketing beyond social media

  • How to turn backers into champions

  • Real world events

  • Time management & workflow during your campaign

  • Tracking & Iterating your marketing plan

  • Case Studies

Tools you get to take home:

  • Campaign excel spreadsheet tools

  • Crowdfunding: The Document.

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Source:  HiveWire

share save 171 16 - HiveWire Crowdfunding Workshop

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