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Hot off the press: NCFA’s Fintech Confidential Issue 4, October 2021

About NCFA Canada | Craig Asano | Oct 7, 2021

NCFA Fintech Confidential Issue 4 cover - Hot off the press:  NCFA's Fintech Confidential Issue 4, October 2021

Welcome Letter

Dear Global Fintech & Funding Communities,

The National Crowdfunding & Fintech Association of Canada (NCFA) and partners are excited to present Vol. 1 Issue 4, FINTECH CONFIDENTIAL, a digital pop-up of the 7th annual 2021 Fintech & Financing Conference and Expo (FFCON21) held virtually from May 11-13 and co-hosted by NCFA and Toronto Finance International (TFI).

As global economies strive to contain the latest Covid outbreak and recover fragile sectors, fintech innovators continue to ‘BREAK BARRIERS’, the main theme of this year’s conference, and the second year in partnership with TFI, reflecting the growth and emerging challenges that the Canadian Fintech industry must navigate to achieve mass adoption and scale.

Fintech is not a niche but a permanent technological evolution that is changing the world of finance by high growth fintech companies and incumbent financial institutions.  It’s setting new standards and demanding new regulations.  It’s about delivering better financial products, services, and outcomes for everyone especially consumers and small to midsize enterprises (SMEs).

It’s been another unprecedented year with covid accelerating trends such as bitcoin’s institutionalization, the growing power of retail investors, the 2nd round of Open Banking consultations and the advisory committee’s recommendations to the federal government, payment modernization efforts, adoption of harmonized Crowdfunding regulation, AI roadmap, emergence of digital identity as a ‘right’ and core data infrastructure (ie., vaccine passports), growing support for Purpose (not just shareholder profit), green finance solutions tackling shared global problems such as SDGs and climate change, EDI (equality, diversity and inclusion), and regulatory push back and a firm ‘line in the sand’ for Big Tech.

FFCON21 was a successful event attracting over 100+ thought leaders, 75 partners, 500+ attendees, an NFT charity fundraiser in partnership with CanadaHelps for front line workers, and our second annual 2021 Fintech Draft competition -- a pitching event inspired by sports league drafts and designed to identity emerging high growth fintech ventures.  A hearty congratulations to the winners:  Agryo (Overall) and Copia Wealth Studios (People’s Choice)!

NCFA Fintech Confidential Issue 4 featured article TOC - Hot off the press:  NCFA's Fintech Confidential Issue 4, October 2021

Thank you to all the partners, speakers, attendees, volunteers, and the entire organizing team for making ‘Breaking Barriers’ an impactful and amazing online experience and for being part of Canada’s fintech and funding community.  We hope you enjoy reading this special edition of Fintech Confidential.

Finally, we continue to encourage the community to be mindful of others, and to do the right thing.  Dream big, be open to partnerships, and execute like your life depends on it -- it’s not too late to participate.  The world is changing because of you but there is a long bridge to cross, and more glass ceilings to break.  Onwards and upwards…

All the best
Craig Asano
Founder and CEO
NCFA Canada


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Note to readers:   the publishing platform's 'hot spot editor' is currently down (but we wanted to publish before Canada's Thanksgiving Long Weekend.  We'll add in audio and links to the document shortly.  Thanks for your patience!


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