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How Betting Bots Are Improving The Odds Of Winning

Aug 19, 2022

AI  - How Betting Bots Are Improving The Odds Of WinningIf you gamble online whether in sports betting or at a casino, and you discover there’s a way to increase your chances of success, you’re going to pay attention. And that’s precisely what betting bots are here to do. They shift the odds of winning in a punter’s favour and have become increasingly popular over time.

AI Bots

We’ll kick things off by mentioning AI bots because they’re seriously transforming the betting landscape. AI bots have a history in the gambling realm after they were used to develop ways for Texas Hold’em Poker, a game available to play on reputable online casino sites, to defeat the world’s best poker players. AI bots spot flaws, usually made by humans, which can occur when betting odds are devised, handing the advantage to the bettor.


If you’re not completely new to the internet, you’ll have heard of crawlers, which are otherwise known as web spiders. They can wander from URL to URL and analyse the data there. And the benefit of this with betting is that they can do their work on odds comparison sites, therefore uncovering not only who is offering the best odds but also where the value may lie with other bets.


Scrapers essentially work in a similar fashion to crawlers. What you have to remember with scrapers is that you need to supply as much data as possible. So, a user will effectively be scraping all the data from sports betting sites, as many as possible, and then the bot will analyse this information to give the player an edge. Again, it can search for value bets or those that are best priced in a specific market.


The final two parts are very much linked, and we begin with icebergs. Anyone clued up with investment will understand that the term iceberg refers to a single large order split into smaller ones. It’s a method used to protect the true value without tipping off the market. And this translates to betting because using an iceberg bot will allow large wagers to be placed while ensuring that the odds aren’t dramatically affected.


Now, it’s all well and good alerting punters to icebergs and giving them the knowledge that they exist. But what if there was also a way to identify them? Well, there is, and this happens by using predatory bots. Predatory bots are essentially submarines that patrol the waters seeking out icebergs. And when they locate what they’re looking for, they will notify the user, who can take advantage by placing bets.

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It has been evident for some time that technology has a greater impact when it comes to betting, and bots are a component of this. And, with so many bots out there, designed to perform different roles, they’re quickly becoming a weapon in a bettor’s arsenal, especially when they’re looking to shift the odds in their favour.

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