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How can Bitcoin SV Help in this Time of Pandemic?

Bitcoin Association | Makkie Maclang | April 5, 2021

Bitcoin SV - How can Bitcoin SV Help in this Time of Pandemic?

The coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic has changed the way the world works, and 2020 has been a dismal year for many, with more than 1.4 million deaths. As everyone continues to battle the virus and with a vaccine still in the works, the question in the cryptocurrency world is, how can Bitcoin SV(BSV) be relevant during this time of pandemic?

The Metanet on Curbing Covid-19 Fake News

Dissemination of information has been crucial in the fight against this deadly virus, and social media has played a major role in circulating news, warnings and instructions on how to live in the era of the “new normal.” Unfortunately, social media has also been the culprit in spreading fake news and information that only served to derail efforts to curb covid-19. Many deaths could have been prevented if only the right information was disseminated.

The Metanet is Bitcoin SV’s answer to fake news. Adding the Greek word, “meta,” which means beyond, the Metanet is a version of the Internet that transcends its weaknesses. Because the Internet is free, data from everything that is posted on social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is free for them to profit off without users ever seeing a cent of income.



With Metanet, data from all activity is recorded on the Bitcoin SV blockchain, and people are given the power to control and own their data. The BSV-based application Twetch is the perfect archetype of what a responsible social media platform should be. For a very small fee, just because it takes this small amount to be able to write data on the Bitcoin SV blockchain, users can post relevant content and earn revenue every time other users make a comment or share their posts.

Because people have to pay—albeit a small amount— to post anything, the spreading of fake news will be limited. Most trolls do not have the budget to pay money for their act of malice. Furthermore, because every action recorded on the BSV blockchain exists forever and users own the content they post, trolls can easily be blocked, traced and apprehended.


Healthcare Data and Statistics on a Global Public Ledger

EHR Data Inc. has recently announced its partnership with nChain to use the BSV blockchain in storing and managing healthcare data.



Currently, citizens have to wait for official government announcements on covid-19 updates, and it usually takes days for them to be released. With real-time access to global data, everyone is updated on the latest information and statistics. Governments are also freed up of the time and effort they consume in compiling these press releases, and medical and research facilities can use the data faster and more effectively. Bitcoin SV may not be the answer to pandemics such as this one, but it can certainly help in providing the answer.


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