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How Many Colleges Teach Blockchain Technology in the World

Guest Post | Aug 12, 2019

Blockchain tiles - How Many Colleges Teach Blockchain Technology in the World

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Blockchain is the hype today. The talent is in high demand and the technology takes over many of the headlines in publications and news. Investors keep piling their money into it. Blockchain is known to be the best thing that happens to public services. As a result, we are witnessing an increase in blockchain education. In the past few years, universities slowly began introducing blockchain technology courses and designing special programs that teach you the skill.

However, as we mentioned, this usually goes really slow. By the time the education designs great programs and lists new courses, the technology will have switched and advanced. This is why your choices in terms of blockchain courses and education are still rather limited. However, the number of universities that offer them is growing by the minute.

Blockchain Today

In our list, you’ll find about the most prepared universities that offer a blockchain degree. Finding a university that has this course can be truly beneficial for your career and future, which makes this a serious decision to make. If you enroll onto a program that excludes blockchain from its curriculum, you’ll be left out in the modern job market.

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Statistics are there to prove all this. According to modern estimates, we’ve experienced an increase of 200% in jobs related to blockchain technology and Bitcoin in 2019. Compared to 2015, this number has grown by 600%.

Therefore, if you’re looking to work in the finance and accounting world in the future, you must definitely get blockchain technology education. This will get you ahead of the competition, especially if you choose a great blockchain university to obtain your education in.

Places Where You Can Get Blockchain Technology Education

Before we get into the actual colleges and universities that offer these courses, let’s discuss your options. Students who don’t have access to such education at college have started establishing online clubs like the BEN or Blockchain Education Network. They perform research, use online courses, and even publish materials to show their findings.

Without any further ado, here are the programs you should definitely be looking into:

1.   Cornell University

The Cornell University is the youngest Ivy League university. Its main aim is to provide modern technology education. This makes it different from other Ivies that started off as liberal arts colleges and seminaries. Because of it, Cornell is now considered a leader in computer science and one of the most promising research universities worldwide.

Since this university is mostly focused on innovation and technology, you’ll get the chance to study very useful skills that will take you ahead of the competition. If you like to study blockchain but struggle with some other subjects, there are services that can do your Edubirdie and relief you from the pressure.

2.   Duke University

The Duke University is known for its successful business, medical and technological research opportunities. It has the most research spending in the world, and in every possible field. They fund research for AIDS, oncology, economics, and modern technology.

Nowadays, students have access to the Duke’s Blockchain Lab. This is a place specialized to get students acquainted with the blockchain technology, as well as provide them with opportunities for research. If you select this institution for your education, you can attend their many lectures, workshops, and interest groups, as well as discover great things about this trendy technology.

3.   MIT

MIT is the private university in Cambridge that is created for one purpose only – research. It’s the best known in the world and central to technological developments. Ever since the beginnings of the digital era, MIT has been on top of everything including AI, hackers, and open-source programming. Right now, it’s one of the best places to study blockchain technology. Their Media Lab’s Digital Currency Initiative is the perfect spot to do research projects, take part in blockchain groups, and write papers.

4.   Princeton University

Princeton is one of the oldest US universities. It’s a member of the Ivy League and one of the most innovative institutions in the world. It has excelled in the field of business, engineering, as well as technology. Right now, they have some amazing courses for Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain.

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5.   Stanford University

Stanford has been founded back in 1885 and ever since, it’s been fully dedicated to modern and updated technology. With its amazing facilities and courses, Stanford is considered to stand on the top of technological innovations. This is why it attracts more college candidates than any other institution in the country.

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6.   University of California at Berkeley

UC Berkeley teaches everything from sustainable energy to computer processing. It is the teaching hub of some of the most successful experts in the technology fields. You may not know this, but the creators of Tesla and Apple both studied here.

Today, there’s a student-led organization at Berkley called Blockchain. It is specifically designed to study blockchain and other modern technologies.

Final Thoughts

Blockchain technology is the moving force in the modern tech world. Because of it, it is something you should definitely study if you want to succeed once you graduate. We hope that these college and university choices get you where you want to be. After all, they are your best chance at a bright, bright future!

Author’s Bio:

Robert Everett is a technology lover. He explores all modern technology, performs continuous research, and publishes his findings on the web for everyone to see. But, most of it all, Everett focuses on helping others find the best way to study technology.

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