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How Nobul is Enhancing Customer Experience in Real Estate

Jun 14, 2023

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The real estate experience used to be fraught with complexities, opacity, a lack of choice, and the ever-present threat of fraud.

It’s the largest purchase most people made in their lifetimes, yet it remained regrettably stuck in the pre-digital age. If you wanted to find the right agent, you had to crack open the Yellow Pages and pray for a little luck on your side. If you were on the hunt for a dream home, you were at the mercy of whatever listings your agent shuffled across your desk. It was an incomplete, inefficient and largely consumer-ambivalent experience. And thankfully, it’s changing.

Nobul, the world’s first end-to-end real estate digital marketplace, emerged onto the scene roughly five years ago. And in those five years, the company has racked up awards, positive press and – most importantly – a devoted following of happy real estate consumers.

Here’s how Nobul is enhancing the customer experience in real estate by bolstering choice, transparency, convenience and security.

Agent Reviews

The right real estate agent for you will not necessarily be the same one another buyer needs. It’s important to connect with the agent whose budget, services, experiences, and prices best match your needs.

All you need to do is list your budget and describe what you’re looking for in a home. Then, agents will flood your inbox with offers like free cash back or services to get your business. You can peruse and compare their profiles and select whichever you like best.

You don’t need a relative or a friend who works as a realtor to get a leg up when buying a home. The digital innovator Regan McGee built Nobul to give anybody an advantage when buying property.

Algorithms For the Win

When buying a home, you need an experienced expert at your side to help navigate the process and find you the best deal. However, you can’t afford not to leverage Nobul’s AI to crunch numbers quickly and effectively.

Once you input a few numbers and give it some data, the listings it will serve back at you feel so personalized, they’ll seem curated. Tailor listings to your specifications to find your dream home within your budget sooner.

Don’t waste time manually trawling the listings. You’ll waste hours trying to find the right home, and when you finally do, it may not be available anymore. AI can make a huge difference when trying to cut through the Gordian knot that is the real estate market.

Security and Privacy Matter

Nobody wants to feel like the digital edge they’re gaining comes at the expense of their privacy or security. Nobul incorporates some important built-in privacy features.

For example, the agents you speak to are all connected within the app, so they don’t get your phone number or email address. Communicating within the app makes it easy to share listings, send pictures, text messages, and more. Only after you select an agent to work with and decide to give them your contact info will they have it.

Any information that Nobul collects about the device and how it’s used is collected in aggregate and de-identified, so it informs the platform and improves its performance without being tied to specific users.

Buying a home involves much more than purchasing a roof over your head. It determines the neighbourhood in which your family lives and impacts your long-term finances. When you’re looking for a home, get the best customer service possible by using Nobul to find a realtor and get a mega digital boost.

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