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How to Donate Cryptocurrency to Charities (Non-profits)

Jan 16, 2023

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With thousands of charities worldwide supporting the less fortunate and vulnerable, we are not short of choices when it comes to giving back. Whether you want to protect endangered species, save citizens in war-ridden countries, provide water for isolated communities, grant ill children a wish, support veterans, or anything else you can think of, there is a charity out there waiting for your donation!

Typically, donators will contribute through cash or credit cards, but this is not always the best option. Over the past few years, more charities are beginning to support crypto donations, which is terrific news for traders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Donating using crypto is a private alternative to standard donations and can result in more of your contribution going towards your chosen charity rather than disappearing through processing fees. If you want to do your part and donate cryptocurrency to charities, then here’s how you can do it!

The Benefits of Donating Crypto to Charities

The question is - Why donate crypto over cash or other payment methods? Well, crypto donations have their own benefits that you should consider when doing your next act of charity. When it comes to standard donations, a portion of your contribution goes towards processing fees and not the charity itself. Some processing fees eat up 2-3% of your donation. However, with cryptocurrency, fees only take away 1% or less, meaning that more of your donation ends up in the hands of your chosen charity.

Additionally, cryptocurrency is your best option if you want to donate anonymously to charities. Due to the nature of crypto, users can contribute as much as they want without the donation being traced back to them. So, crypto donations will be your way forward if you’re conscious about your online privacy and security.

How to Donate Crypto to Charities 

Donating cryptocurrency to charities is usually as simple as donating any other currency. If you head to the charity’s official website, you’ll see a ‘donate’ button that will redirect you to the donation page. Here, you’ll be able to see if your chosen charity accepts crypto and, if so, which cryptocurrencies it accepts. You can then share your wallet address and determine how much crypto you wish to donate. Some charities even include an automatic currency convertor that shows how much you’re donating in your local currency.

Before donating to your chosen charity, we recommend thoroughly researching it to avoid any possible scams. Some scammers will pose as charities to collect donations and use them for their personal benefit, so it’s important to ensure that you know that your crypto donation is going to a good cause. We suggest you look up reviews and information regarding your chosen charity to ensure they’re legitimate. You can even check out a reputable charity watchdog such as Charity Watch for more information and statistics.  Additionally, when sending to a crypto wallet, you should double-check the wallet address to ensure you send your cryptocurrency donation to the correct recipient.

How to Buy Crypto to Donate

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If you’ve decided to donate cryptocurrency to charity, you first need to buy crypto to donate. We recommend signing up for a crypto platform to safely buy and manage cryptocurrency. Crypto platforms are designed to match traders with brokers who can appropriately support them. Once you’ve been connected to a broker through a crypto platform, you can utilise a selection of tools that can help you to elevate your trading game. Well-loved crypto platforms that we recommend include Kraken, Bitstamp, and BitiCodes. You can connect to a broker through these platforms and buy various cryptocurrencies to donate to your chosen charities!

Which Charities Accept Cryptocurrency Donations?

Do you want to donate cryptocurrency to a charity but are not sure where your donation will be accepted? Here’s a list of popular charities that currently accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency donations!

1. Make a Wish International 

This charity operates in 50 countries and works with 40 affiliates to grant wishes to children battling a critical illness. Make a Wish has already granted over half a million wishes since 1980 and now accepts cryptocurrency donations to help this number grow even more.

2. Food for Life Global 

With over 260 affiliates in 65 countries, Food for Life Global aims to provide those in crisis situations and people facing malnutrition with plant-based meals. By donating crypto, you support this vegan charity as they expand its global network of free food kitchens, mobile kitchens, disaster relief vans, and more.

3. No Kid Hungry 

This charity strives to end child hunger and poverty in America by providing free school meals and distributing grants to schools, food banks, and community groups. You can directly donate over 70 popular cryptocurrencies through the No Kid Hungry website to help this charity continue to grow and spread awareness.

4. PAWS 

Since 1967, PAWS has fought to protect, aid, and rehabilitate wild and domesticated animals. You can donate any major cryptocurrency to aid PAWS in saving abandoned and injured animals worldwide.

5. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society 

This charity funds the research for all types of blood cancers, including leukaemia, lymphoma, and myeloma, to help find cures and other treatment options. Donate from over 70 different cryptocurrencies to help fund this charity's mission and support blood cancer patients.

6. African Wildlife Foundation 

This charity aims to conserve wildlife, protect habitats and empower African communities. AWF accepts a range of different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, to help the charity save critically endangered wildlife and natural ecosystems across the continent.

7. Women for Women International 

With the goal of protecting and empowering female survivors of war, Women for Women provides support and education for women in countries impacted by the effects of conflict.  You can donate crypto to this charity now to help vulnerable women around the world rebuild their lives.

8. The Water Project 

By providing sustainable water projects to those who cannot access clean water, The Water Project helps communities climb out of poverty. Your crypto donation can fund or maintain water projects that provide a reliable and safe water source.

9. Companions for Heroes 

After reducing animals from recuses and shelters, this charity provides them to veterans, first responders, and other military personnel who are recovering from psychological challenges resulting from their service. You can donate crypto to this charity to help them unite heroes with companion animals.

10. 3Strands Global Foundation 

This charity provides young people with the support and resources they need to recognise, respond to, and report forms of violence. Your crypto donation can help to educate students on how to protect themselves from trafficking, connect survivors with necessities, and train teachers on how to protect students.

You can find a full list of charities that accept cryptocurrency donations here.


To conclude, donating cryptocurrency is a more private and cost-effective method of giving back as opposed to standard cash donations. Users can donate crypto privately and not worry about a huge chunk of their donation being eaten up by processing fees.

If you’re interested in donating cryptocurrency, you first have to find a charity that accepts this currency. We included a helpful list in this article that shows ten fantastic charities that currently accept Bitcoin and other coins as a form of donation. Next, you should head to the charity’s Donation page. Here, you’ll find all available donation options, including cryptocurrency donations, if your chosen charity accepts them. After you’ve decided how much crypto you want to donate, you’ll be given the charity’s wallet address that you can use to send crypto. It’s as simple as that!

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