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How to Successfully Spot Your Next Sales Team Leader

Guest Post | Jan 19, 2023

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The direct selling industry, comprised of 1.37 million Canadians, is a valuable sector of Canada's economy. Businesses looking to grow and expand their services need a qualified sales team leader on their team for success. Hiring an experienced professional allows companies to boost sales and increase revenue, contributing to the brand’s image.

A top sales leader can positively impact your company's goals and your team's performance, as they will likely possess the skills and knowledge to guide your team in the right direction. Some skills that sales leader must have include integrity, the ability to lead and motivate, effective delegator, and active listening. If you're looking for an efficient sales professional to boost sales and grow your company, consider the following factors when selecting a new team leader.

Look Beyond General Job Boards

General job boards are a great place to find your next team member, but when you're looking for a team leader, it's best to take a few extra steps to ensure you find the right candidate. Post your job advertisement on a niche job board that caters to sales professionals. This will attract the right pool of candidates, saving you time spent browsing through unqualified applicants.

Niche job boards allow more candidates to discover your organization, so you can use minimal resources to appeal to your target audience. It also gives you more control over your postings and enables you to determine which recruitment strategies are working. With less competition from other hiring companies, it is easier for employers to evaluate the postings and keep track of applicants to gain a deeper insight into the strategies effectiveness.

Clearly Define the Role

If the candidates applying for the position do not clearly understand what your company is seeking, you might receive applications from unsuitable individuals, wasting your time and energy. As an employer, you must clearly outline your expectations from the sales team leader. A sales team leader's key roles and responsibilities include delegating tasks, setting sales targets, preparing sales reports, and motivating the sales team.

In addition to the duties of the sales team leader, you must also describe the minimum qualifications required to be considered for the role. Does the applicant need to have a specific degree? Do they need a minimum amount of experience? Does their sales experience need to be in the same industry?

Consult Experienced Sales Headhunters

A recruitment agency takes on all the work and effort required in the hiring process. Working with a specialized agency that specializes in hiring sales professionals is a bonus. Top agencies can have a database of over 200,000 candidates that they can match you with based on your company's needs. These candidates have already been thoroughly screened to ensure they are the right fit for top companies.

Work with qualified sales headhunters in Toronto when filling a sales team leader position in your company to find the best fit. Specialized recruitment agencies will sort candidates based on several factors that prove their eligibility as a team leader, including experience, education, aptitude, personality, and drive. Identifying these qualifications allows sales headhunters to find candidates suited to a company's specific needs. This takes the guesswork out of the hiring process and allows you to build a top-performing team of qualified professionals.

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Hiring top-tier team leaders for your company is the best way to enhance growth and help your sales team reach its goals. Consider the tips above to spot your next sales team leader successfully.

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