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HyperCycle: Paving the Way for a Groundbreaking Path to AGI

The Debrief | | Mar 27, 2023

HyperCycle Toufi Saliba and Dr. Ben Goertzel - HyperCycle: Paving the Way for a Groundbreaking Path to AGI

Image: HyperCycle Toufi Saliba and Dr. Ben Goertzel

A new company called HyperCycle is enabling artificial intelligence systems to connect in an unprecedented fashion, allowing them to cooperate and compete at the smallest modular levels and bringing the world closer to–and ensuring a safer–global AI network.

  • The founder of HyperCycle, Toufi Saliba, says the ideas behind this potentially earth-changing undertaking are not new but have been growing for nearly a few decades amongst the world’s top computer scientists.
  • Artificial General Intelligence, AGI has become somewhat of Holy Grail for engineers and programmers working in the exciting yet controversial field of blockchain. That’s because, in its current form, blockchain offers a number of advantages, primarily in information and financial/transactional security, while also facing a wide range of real-world challenges.
  • Friction and cost challenge: Among the challenges of current blockchain systems (like cryptocurrency) are the massive amounts of friction as they have quickly become a third party in transactions.  “The friction in those interactions may not be significant for us humans, especially when you look at a single interaction. When two or more AI modules exchange values, they need the response A- Immediately and B- Without a cost that is comparable and sometimes higher than the value itself.”

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  • Cooperative AI: “The internet of AI, aka cooperative AI, where AIs can cooperate at the smallest modular level, will introduce certain capabilities that are not currently provisioned, and certainly unprecedented,” said Saliba. “Imagine SIRI and Alexa both are cooperating behind the scenes to provide you with the best outcome.”
    • with TODA/IP and HyperCycle, the transactional “cost” is dramatically reduced by taking advantage of a decentralized approach, where individual AI systems can work together without having to go through a centralized server for each and every transaction.
    • Saliba and his co-founder, Dr. Goertzel, compare this to the neurons in a human brain working across connections as opposed to having to connect to a central part of the brain for each and every transaction.
  • It is this new approach to managing and transferring data packets across a global network that allows Toda/IP and HyperCycle to operate efficiently and at the individual transaction level, similar to the way individual neurons within the human brain operate. In effect, by sharding the data to the smallest packet while also maintaining backward compatibility, HyperCycle is building an infrastructure that essentially operates like [human brain] synapses.

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