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Implications of Wisconsin’s $100M Investment in BlackRock Bitcoin ETF

Institutionalization of Crypto | May 14, 2024

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State of Wisconsin invests almost $100 million into BlackRock's spot Bitcoin ETF in Q1

An SEC Form 13F filing on Tuesday confirmed that the U.S. State of Wisconsin purchased shares in BlackRock's Bitcoin ETF worth almost $100 million.  Further, the institutional investment board also disclosed the purchase of $63.7 million worth of shares of Grayscale's Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) so a total of almost $165 million has been invested to date.

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The institutional appetite for investing in spot Bitcoin ETFs and cryptocurrencies generally has been growing, reflecting a significant shift in the perception of cryptocurrencies as a viable asset class. This shift is largely driven by the potential for cryptocurrencies to offer diversification, high returns, and inflation hedging capabilities.

What Are the Implications?

When a state decides to invest in Bitcoin, it can have several implications, both financially, politically, and legally. Here are some key considerations

Financial, P0litical and Social

  • States might invest in Bitcoin as a diversification strategy to hedge against economic instability and currency devaluation. Bitcoin, with its limited supply, is sometimes viewed as digital gold that could potentially hold value better than traditional fiat currencies during economic downturns.
  • Bitcoin has shown the potential for high returns compared to traditional investments. States investing in Bitcoin could potentially reap significant profits if the market performs well.
  • Bitcoin is known for its price volatility. This can pose a substantial risk to public funds, especially if large amounts are invested or if the timing of the investment aligns with a market downturn.

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  • Investing in something as volatile as Bitcoin can be controversial. Public perception and opinion might vary widely, with some viewing it as a progressive step towards modernizing state assets, while others might see it as gambling with public funds.
  • Investing state funds into any speculative asset, including Bitcoin, does indeed pose a risk to taxpayer money. Losses could potentially impact state revenues and, by extension, public services and infrastructure projects.

Legal and Compliance

  • The lack of a comprehensive legal framework around cryptocurrencies adds another layer of risk. Changes in regulation could adversely affect the value of the investment, or worse, restrict the ability to liquidate the position favorably.
  • A state investment in Bitcoin could influence or accelerate regulatory frameworks for cryptocurrencies. It might push for clearer laws and regulations due to the state’s vested interest in the stability and legality of such investments.

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  • State investments require high levels of transparency and accountability. The management of a cryptocurrency investment might necessitate new approaches to public financial management, including how gains or losses are reported.


The move to invest in BlackRock's Bitcoin spot ETF is likely a calculated risk to potentially increase state revenues but also introduce the risks associated with Bitcoin’s price volatility and push for regulatory clarity.  Ultimately, it's a tight rope act that requires careful consideration of the balance between potential gains and the responsibility of managing public funds prudently.

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