Interaxon brain-sensing headband achieves indiegogo success in thought controlled computing

By Craig Asanor INTERAXON MUSE HEADBAND large5701 300x125 - Interaxon brain-sensing headband achieves indiegogo success in thought controlled computing

The InteraXon Story

InteraXon was formed in 2007 when Ariel Garten decided to commercialize the thought controlled computing technology initially developed by world-renowned cyberneticist Dr. Steve Mann and his colleague, Dr. James Fung.

Garten, Mann and Fung, along with multifaceted engineer Chris Aimone, had been working on various brainwave-controlled art installations and technology demonstrations around Toronto since 2003. Four years later, Ariel realized that brainwave-controlled computing was a technology whose time had come.

To achieve her vision, she enrolled long-time friend Chris Aimone and Trevor Coleman, a rising star in Toronto’s entertainment industry. Together the three went about building a company to support their vision of a thought-controlled world.

The company was officially registered as a business in 2007 and later incorporated in 2009. Since joining forces, InteraXon has presented work at academic conferences, featured in local and national media, and given a featured musical performance at the Ontario Premier’s Innovation Awards. They continue to explore innovative applications for the technology and work to make thought-controlled computing an integral and natural part of everyday life.

From InteraXon's Blog update:

In just over a week we’ll be presenting at TEDxSan Diego, followed by a keynote speech and demo in Paris at the annual Le Web. As we wrap up our Thanksgiving ‘Free Tee’ promotion, we’re also getting ready to announce a special winter Holiday treat. In the meantime, here are some of our favorite stories and highlights, from this week, in the world of brain computer interfaces

"We passed our funding goal for Muse this week, with 13 days left to go in our campaign. Here’s just a few of the awesome things people are saying online about our new brainwave sensing headband:"

“Wow – while many people have talked about miniature EEG devices, it looks like you guys have just gone out and done it. Impressive. and connecting with the devices we all have in our pockets anyway – brilliant!” – Graham

“Know your brain, shape your brain, shape the world! Can’t wait to get my MUSE on!” – Ursula

“This is the coolest.…revolutionary! Human innovation at it’s best. What else can I say? You guys are wild. Never stop!” – Evan

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Link to InteraXon Indiegogo campaign:  here

InteraXon website:  here

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