Investor Trends 2003-2013: A look at investors’ changing portfolios and attitudes today versus 10 years ago


Rock The Post | Website - Resources | Feb 11, 2014

Investor Trends - Rock the Post Jan 2014Rock The Post's 2013 Investor Trends Survey reveals interesting insights into the changing investment landscape and investment attitudes among private investors today compared to 10 years ago. In light of regulatory changes with the U.S. JOBS Act that will further shape the investment world, allowing investors to invest in private companies for the first time in 80 years regardless of income or net worth, the Investor Trends Survey also identifies some key characteristics of angel investors – those who have experienced investing in startups – compared to non-angel or novice angel investors.

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This research addresses a selection of the insights from the 2013 Investor Trends Survey, including…

  • Investor portfolios consist of 15% more alternative investments now than 10 years ago
  • Experienced angel investors have a lower percentage of mutual funds in their portfolios than novice and non-angel investors
  • Investors are relying less on intermediaries to carry out their investments and more on direct investing methods
  • The availability of investment tools, such as online trading platforms, and investors’ experience with direct investing are the main reasons they are encouraged to manage their portfolios

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