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Investors Launch Argo Digital Gold to Tokenize Gold

Investing | March 4, 2024

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Sprott Family and Peter Grosskopf Announce the Founding of Argo Digital Gold Ltd.

The Sprott Family, alongside Peter Grosskopf and a skilled management team led by Michael Petch, have announced the founding of Argo Digital Gold Ltd. This is an exciting development in the world of precious metals.  The innovative platform is set to offer secure, digital access to physical gold in a way that fuses traditional assets with modern technology.  The platform's vision extends beyond mere trading; it aims to be at the forefront of crypto-to-gold transactions and the tokenization of gold. This approach not only promises to enhance the liquidity and accessibility of gold but also to unlock new use cases for this $5 trillion industry.

  • Scheduled for launch in Q2 2024, Argo aims to provide a suite of benefits previously unseen in the precious metals market.
  • Among these are enhanced security measures for gold storage and custody, the convenience of 24/7 trading, the flexibility of fractional ownership, and a commitment to low, transparent fees.
  • Argo has chosen the Royal Canadian Mint as the initial custodian for the gold purchased on its platform, with plans to expand to other secure vaults globally.

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  • Backing this ambitious project are the Sprott family and Peter Grosskopf, whose names are synonymous with expertise and trust in precious metals investing. Their combined decades of experience and innovative leadership in the gold market have been instrumental in the multi-billion-dollar growth of global alternative investments focused on precious metals.
  • Michael Petch, the President of Argo Digital Gold, brings a wealth of experience in digital assets and blockchain technology to the venture. His track record includes launching the CoinShares Gold and Cryptoassets Index (CGCI) and one of the first gold-backed stablecoins (DGLD) in Switzerland. Under his leadership, Argo is poised to drive significant digital innovation in the ownership of physical precious metals assets.

Peter Grosskopf, Chairman of Argo Digital Gold:

"Gold is the original alternative asset, and we believe that precious metals should continue to anchor a diverse portfolio of alternative investments. We are embracing new technologies which allow investors to store and trade gold outside of the financial system it is designed to hedge against. The vision of Argo is to offer institutional-grade direct ownership to all investors in a safe, and technologically enhanced manner."


Argo's mission is to democratize gold investing, making it more accessible to a broader, tech-savvy audience while maintaining the trust and security that investors expect from physical gold.

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As we await the launch of Argo, it's pretty clear that this platform is set to play a key role in the future of gold investment by bridging the gap between traditional precious metals and the digital age.

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