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Join Thrinacia a 100% Open Source SaaS Canadian Crowdfunding Initiative

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By: Craig Asano Posted:  November 27, 2012

I recently had the pleasure of connecting with Alex Pavlovic , CEO and Founder of Thrinacia Inc., a Vancouver based web solutions company currently focused on delivering a 100% open source SaaS white label multiverse crowdfunding platform called THRINACIA.


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Thrinacia is the first 100% Open Source SaaS White Label MultiVerse CrowdFunding Platform.

Source code will be released under GNU General Public License, while will provide robust and easy to use SaaS Crowdfunding offering hosted on a highly reliable cloud. You will then have a choice to either download the software for free to use on your own server, hosting provider or use our turn key SaaS cloud based solution to jumpstart your CrowdFunding portals or campaigns in your desired niche.

100% White Label

Integrate how you want, when you want. Thrinacia will provide multiple layers of integration as well as offer true web based API for it's engine components. This means you will be able to either integrate your website URL path, whole domain or section of the specific page with Thrinacia. Integration schemes will support javascript, REST API, name server redirection and so on. Jumpstart true white label campaigns with your own brand.

100% Open Source

First White Label Open Source and SaaS offering. Thrinacia source code will be 100% released under the GNU GPL License and available for download and use on your own server or hosting account. The SaaS offering will provide you with data that is 100% exportable so that you may work with data in any way you want. Export campaigns or clients to another platform or system altogether if needed.

100% Customizable

Thrinacia will feature completely customizable architecture. Through use of plugins you will be able to get new features such as for example ability to choose whether your campaign is for donations, deals / rewards or equity based options. Thrinacia core will be massively extensible by plugin architecture and central place will be created to distribute such plugins, allowing you to easily locate what is needed and add to your Thrinacia core to customize it further.

"Help us to build the most versatile and comprehensive open source CrowdFunding platform on the planet."

Thrinacia Features:

Below is a list of a few features with a ton more itemized here

  • Support for multiple crowdfunding niches
  • Support for multiple niche managers or administrators
  • Support for multiple crowdfunding niche campaigns
  • Support for multiple campaign managers or administrators
  • Reports for various niches ( showing campaigns, summaries and so on )
  • Reports for various campaigns
    ( showing campaign activity, funds raised, users and so on )
  • User and profile management, user roles and permissions, user assignments
  • Niche and campaign management tools
  • Integration with various payment processors
    ( including Stripe, PayPal,, etc. )
  • Multi mode campaigns ( donation, deal / reward or equity based )

Backer Rewards:

Entry sponsorship starts at $10 and ends at the Ultimate Sponsor value of $5,000.

For the Master Sponsor level of $1000 you get:

  • Sponsor Listing on our website
  • Early access to source code
  • Up to 25 SaaS platform accounts allowing you to run your portals and campaigns
  • Free site deployment of our open source code on your server
  • Bootstrap theme / custom logo implementation and deployment
  • Development team feature input
  • One year of unlimited support for free

See full list of Thrinacia backer rewards:  here

Sample screenshot: 

Global Admin Campaign Manager

Thrinacia campaign 300x294 - Join Thrinacia a 100% Open Source SaaS Canadian Crowdfunding Initiative

View other sample screenshots:  here


Funding Overview

The first milestone of $5k has already been fully subscribed.

Thrinacia milestone11 300x29 - Join Thrinacia a 100% Open Source SaaS Canadian Crowdfunding Initiative


The project is currently seeking to raise its second milestone of a total of $150k to complete Beta Implementation and a total of $13k has already been raised at the time of writing (approx 9% of required funding).  No additional milestones are cited on the website.

Thrinacia3 300x30 - Join Thrinacia a 100% Open Source SaaS Canadian Crowdfunding Initiative


Milestone StatusIn Progress - Raising Funds
Milestone Fund Raising End DateFeb 1 2013
Milestone Raised Funds$13k
Milestone Fund Raising Goal$150k
Milestone Remaining Funds to be Raised$137k
Milestone Estimated Target Delivery DateMay 2013 or sooner

Back the Thrinacia open source crowdfunding project now:  here


NCFA Canada Interviews Thrinacia Inc.

Craig Asano Executive Director of NCFA Canada Interviews Alex Pavlovic, CEO and Founder of Thrinacia Inc. (Owner of the Thrinacia open source crowdfunding initiative) who talks more about their exciting open source crowdfunding initiative:

golden cattle - Join Thrinacia a 100% Open Source SaaS Canadian Crowdfunding Initiative

Craig:  What does Thrinacia mean?

Alex:  Thrinacia is the island home of Helios's golden cattle, guarded by his eldest daughter, Lampetia from Book 11 of Homer's Odyssey. We chose this name since the name Thrinacia could be taken to imply a connection to the number three and it takes only three people to represent a small crowd, in addition since the cattle usually come in many we thought it would be most indicative of our multiverse or multi-niche crowdfunding portal approach.


Craig:  Can you tell us a little bit about Thrinacia Inc. the Vancouver-based company behind the crowdfunding project?

Alex:  Thrinacia Inc. has been in the business since 2003, providing website application development and cloud deployment services using modern web application and content management frameworks ( Symfony, RoR, Catalyst, Drupal CMS ) and relational database systems ( PostgreSQL, MySQL ). Our expertise primarily lies in open source technology stack, SaaS developement and cloud deployments.
The team consists of several designers and 10 developers with 2 developers also being main architects and Founder Alex Pavlovic


Craig:   Thrinacia is the first 100% Open Source SaaS White Label CrowdFunding Platform.  Can you explain what this means and also describe what  crowdfunding business models will be supported (i.e. equity)?

Alex:  Thrinacia will support multiple funding models including equity, donation, reward or deal based. The sentence above indicates that Thrinacia is the first fully open source ( unlike kickstarter, circleup or indiegogo ) crowdfunding solution that can be white labeled to any business organization or individual. Individuals and organizations will for the first time not only get a free software that allows them to run their own crowdfunding campaigns that look and feel how they want them but also allow them to run their own uniquely branded crowdfunding portals such as kickstarter, indiegogo or circleup and act as crowdfunding portal operators earning revenue from these portals.


Craig:   How will Thrinacia differentiate itself from other white label turn-key solutions and blog plug-in’s appearing in the market place?

Alex:  It will differentiate itself in many ways. It will be fully open source and 100% free to use for commercial purposes on your own server ( same as Drupal or WordPress ). It will have a host of features that no other crowdfunding platform nor plugin has at the moment. You can think of it as swiss army knife for crowdfunding.

In terms of features some include easy web based installer / deployment tool, content management, extensible plugin architecture, support of multiple funding modes ( equity, donations, deals, rewards ), social engagement functionality for promoting, extensive API, multi payment processor support ( Stripe, PayPal, Amazon Payments, etc. ) and so on.

It will allow people and organizations to run their own crowdfunding portals and not just campaigns, thus putting them into unique position of offering additional streams of revenue through such channels. Individual or business organization will easily be able to run a website similar to kickstarter or indiegogo. None of the existing plugins or platforms are currently capable of such things as they only run single campaigns. This is where Thrinacia will disrupt crowdfunding space in a major way.


Craig:  How does Thrinacia make money from the project?  What’s your revenue model?

Alex:  Thrinacia Inc. will make money from Thrinacia cloud based SaaS offering. Early pledgers will recieve free access to the platform including other benefits, however everyone else that signs up after SaaS offering is developed and goes to beta will be charged a monthly access fee that will be used to cover bandwidth and operation costs on a hosted cloud.


Craig:   Who is Thrinacia being developed for?  Who are the users, backers and supporters that make up the Thrinacia community?

Alex:  Anyone, anywhere who has some interest in setting up their own crowdfunding website with either a simple campaign or something more complex such as crowdfunding portal featuring multiple campaigns, categories, etc and using 100% free open source Thrinacia software. Users, backers and supportes come from all over the world and these are either individuals or business organizations that have need for such a comprehensive open source crowdfunding software.


Craig:   Are you planning to host Thrinacia on any of the popular crowdfunding portals such as rockethub?

Alex:  Not at this time. Imagine a closed source crowdfunding portal seeing campaign for development of crowdfunding software that would make them obsolete. They would likely not agree to that. Also most of the closed source crowdfunding portals take a good chunk of the financial proceeds ( between 5-10% normally ). Thrinacia campaign is currently self started and self hosted on a private cloud and will remain like that.

Thrinacia Open source initiative2 - Join Thrinacia a 100% Open Source SaaS Canadian Crowdfunding Initiative




Craig:   Before you go, is there any message that you’d like to share with the crowdfunding communities?

Alex:  Yes, please help us by pledging to the Thrinacia project today to deliver the most versatile open source SaaS crowdfunding platform on the planet.


Craig:   Thank you for your time Alex and good luck with Thrinacia's funding progress and development activities!


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share save 171 16 - Join Thrinacia a 100% Open Source SaaS Canadian Crowdfunding Initiative

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