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KABN (Gibraltar) PLC to Launch ERC 1400 Equity Token Offering

KABN Network | David Lucatch | Dec 9, 2019

Clipboard04 - KABN (Gibraltar) PLC to Launch ERC 1400 Equity Token OfferingCrowdfunding Offering supported by UK Based Tokenise and KABN Equity Token created using Polymath Token Studio

Gibraltar--(Newsfile Corp. - December 9, 2019) - KABN (Gibraltar) PLC ("KABN" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that it has created its KABN Equity Token using the Polymath Token Studio and will make its Equity Token available for sale through a public Equity Crowdfunding sale via UK based Tokenise, which is fully compliant with the UK FCA regulatory framework. The Company's Token Offering information site can be found at

Unlike a network or utility token, each KABN Equity Token will represent a KABN (Gibraltar) PLC Preference Share as equity or ownership in the Company.

After spending well over 2 years to develop, test and launch its active business platform, KABN believes that ownership of identity is a basic human right and that individuals should be the primary beneficiary of any use of that identity data. To that end, KABN has developed a continuous, Always On, verified identity solution for commercial clients and consumers that allows individuals to manage both their private and public data, restricting the sharing and use of that data while benefiting the user. KABN also has a platform that will help users maximize value of their data through qualified offers from 3rd parties, including KABN's Financial Services program KABN KASH and its Pegasus Flyte digital currency linked VISA card program.

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The KABN Equity Token is a new generation of Security Token Offerings created with the Polymath Token Studio, allowing qualified private and public investors to purchase KABN Preference Shares, or Equity in the Company, represented by tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain. The KABN token can be viewed by visiting:

KABN has designed its Equity Token Offering to be a true investment in the Company, allowing Preference Share and Token Holders to participate in the potential growth and long-term value appreciation of the Company. KABN Preference Share / Equity Token Holders will receive first priority of dividend distribution and in the event that KABN has a liquidity event, all KABN Equity Token holders will be included in the event, allowing KABN Equity Tokens holders to truly benefit in the Enterprise, or overall value of the Company.

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