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KABN Network Joins the Trust Over IP Foundation

KABN Systems North America | David Lucatch | Nov 12, 2020

KABN digital identity - KABN Network Joins the Trust Over IP FoundationGlobal Leaders in Online Identity Verification, Management and Monetization Take Strategic Role as Steering Members to Help Enable Trusted Exchange of Verifiable Digital Credentials

TORONTO, ON and GIBRALTAR / ACCESSWIRE / November 12, 2020 / The KABN Network together with KABN Systems NA Holdings Corp. (CSE:KABN) (the "Company" or "KABN North America") (, a Canadian Fintech company that specializes in continuous online identity verification, management and monetization in Canada and the US, today has announced a strategic role as a Steering Member of the Trust over IP ("ToIP") Foundation (

In taking on this role, KABN joins other Steering Members including Accenture, Anonyme Labs, Continuum Loop, Evernym, Finicity, Futurewei, IBM, ID Ramp, LG CNS, Mastercard and others. The Trust over IP Foundation has over 170 members, including organizations as well as individuals, collaborating together with the common objective of changing the way people interact online.

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The Trust over IP Foundation is defining a complete architecture for Internet-scale digital trust that combines both cryptographic trust at the machine layer and human trust at the business, legal, and social layers. As part of this community, the KABN Network is focused on bridging the gap between traditional fintech services and solutions and new and innovative Verified Credential processes.

KABN aims to use proven bank-grade identity verification processes to allow Holders (who use a credential), Verifiers (who confirm the validity of a credential) and Issuers (who produce the credential) to complete transactions of many kinds including financial services, eCommerce transactions, organization, building and visitor access badges among others.

"I am certain KABN will make a strong contribution to the Trust over IP Foundation." said John Jordan, executive director, BC Digital Trust Service and executive director of ToIP. "People and businesses are going to continue using the internet to build relationships and complete transactions digitally with all the risks of security breaches and fraud that go along with it today. It's time for a change. Global leaders are working together at our Foundation to make it possible for people to be known and to build trusted relationships online. I am happy to have KABN be part of this effort."

Businesses today struggle to protect and manage digital assets and data, especially in an increasingly complex enterprise environment that includes the Internet of Things (IoT), Edge Computing, Artificial Intelligence and much more. This is compounding the already low consumer confidence in the use of personal data and is slowing innovation on opportunities like digital identity and the adoption of new services that can support humanity.

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The KABN Network believes that without a global standard for how to ensure digital trust, these struggles are bound to continue. The four layers of Trust over IP's dual governance and technology stack establish a clear model for how utilities, technical components, business rules and human-focused design can combine to solve this set of problems. The digital trust ecosystems that emerge from Trust over IP will help businesses, citizens and governments alike use the internet to create enduring trusted relationships that allow transactions to be completed safely and with confidence.

"With the ToIP Technology and Governance Stack, the industry is now in a position for an Identity Paradigm shift. Future generations will have a hard time believing that there was a day when everyone was anonymous on the Internet and we believe that the KABN Network is at the forefront of this evolution," said RJ Reiser, KABN North America CBDO, Director and Co-Chair ToIP Ecosystem Foundry Working Group.

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