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KABN North America Launches Liquid Avatar App in the Apple Store and Google Play

KABN | Cara Buckspan | Feb 18, 2021

Liquid avatar  - KABN North America Launches Liquid Avatar App in the Apple Store and Google PlayLiquid Avatar App empowers individuals to verify, manage and control their digital identity and personal data through biometrically verified digital representations of themselves.

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / February 18, 2021 / KABN Systems NA Holdings Corp. (CSE:KABN)(OTC PINK:TRWRF)(FRA:4T51) (the "Company", "KABN North America" or "KABN NA") (, a North American Fintech solutions company specializing in empowering individuals to manage, control and generate value from their biometrically-verified Self Sovereign Identity ("SSI") through its Liquid Avatar ( platform, is pleased to announce that it has launched the first phase of its Liquid Avatar App in the Apple Store and Google Play.

Like search, online communications and browser usage, digital identity is addressable to up to 100% of the online market and is a very early-stage market opportunity, with the potential to reach up to 400 Million people in North America and over 5 Billion people online globally.

With more websites, services and platforms requiring users to provide personal details and identification to gain access, together with the changing regulatory landscape in California, Canada, Europe, Australia, and other countries, more reliance is being placed on the consumer to manage their online information, identity, and personal data.

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Without the right tools, platforms, security and safety, the potential for increased identity fraud and other nefarious activities may continue to accelerate in the online marketplace. Liquid Avatar provides solutions for individuals to manage, control and create value from their digital identity and personal data allowing them to share what they want, when they want and with whom they want through cloud-based, biometrically enabled verifiable credentials, digital wallets, and other cryptographic services.

Liquid Avatar users are able to select from 1000's of combinations of facial features to create their perfect digital representations of themselves - all at no cost, and in the future, users will also be able to upload certain personalized images and logos to represent their avatars.

Liquid Avatar provides users with an easy and engaging way to share what they want, when they want, and with whom they want, through a biometrically verified access and verifiable identity credentials, based on the Trust over IP Foundation's framework ( giving users the control they need and deserve and the opportunity to benefit, economically, from the personal data they wish to share.

The Liquid Avatar platform allows users to create high quality digital icon representations of the various facets of their online personalities and identity, which can be used to easily share what they want, when they want, and with whom they want. Liquid Avatar users will also be able to create digital wallets to manage and store a wide range of verifiable identity and access credentials, and to take their conventional identity online, allowing users to prove themselves as easily and effectively as they do in the "physical world".

A Phased Approach to Supporting Digital Identity Management

As the opportunity to manage digital identity is new to most people and to some, the process can be daunting, Liquid Avatar has taken a phased approach to its engagement program. Initially users can sign up for Liquid Avatar using a traditional email and password, but at the point of sign up, they also engage in a "liveness" test, which allows Liquid Avatar to associate the account with a biometric signature. This process, while not invasive and not requiring the user to store any sensitive data on their devices, as Liquid Avatar is primarily a cloud-based platform, does subscribe to a "one user / "one account" philosophy, where every user is known and verified, reducing, if not potentially eliminating fake and / or fraudulent users.

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Users that install Liquid Avatar in Phase 1 (launch date through, estimated end of March 2021) will start to learn the basics of setting up and sharing a Liquid Avatar as a precursor to digital identity management. Initial Features include:

  • Create & Edit Avatars
  • Create a Biometrically Secured Account
  • Add and Share Data
    • Mobile Phone Number
    • Email Addresses
    • Twitter
  • Community:
    • Share your Liquid Avatar through:
      • Email
      • Text
      • Social Channels
    • Connect with other Liquid Avatar User(s)
  • Automatically enroll in KABN KASH program
  • Sign up for the KABN Card waitlist (Canada only, other regions under review)

Phase 2, expected to launch late March 2021(subject to any revisions), will include technology and app updates and the ability to create multiple Liquid Avatars and manage different facets of your personality (personas) as well as storing items in your personal locker. Phase 2 will also see the introduction of multiple language options, the ability to connect further social media and data sources to your Liquid Avatar personas and additional free Liquid Avatar creative components.

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Phase 3, slated for the end of April (subject to any revisions) is expected to bring continuous technology and app improvements and the early introduction of Liquid Avatar's digital wallet and verifiable identity credentials giving users greater management and control over their digital identity. Phase 3 will also see the potential introduction of badges, providing users with the ability to upload and share specific attributes and affiliations of their favorite teams, university they went to and their "likes".

Phase 4, currently scheduled for the end of May (subject to any revisions) is primed as a major release for Liquid Avatar as the Company plans to introduce its Augmented Reality platform in partnership with Imagine AR (CSE:IP). Phase 4 is expected to also introduce the introduction of Digital Certificates of Authenticity, securing ownership of collector Liquid Avatar icons and components and allow for future selling and trading of these items. It is also expected that Liquid Avatar will introduce an early stage of its vendor offering engine which will allow users to set preferences and match those with offers from vendors who wish to reach known and verified users.

There is a lot more in store for Liquid Avatar through the Spring and Summer 2021, as the Company expects to continue to showcase and test potential release items, like innovative AR scavenger hunts and video creation events, Digital Identity dashboards and much more. With Liquid Avatar Marketplace (, users with have the ability to trade and sell collectible Liquid Avatars from iconic and up and coming pop culture, anime, and comic book creators. The Company is also investigating other commercial applications that will potentially integrate Liquid Avatar with information, financial, hospitality, eCommerce, and government services.

Beginning at the initial launch, Liquid Avatar will have direct connections to over 370 North American online brands with cash back deals with KABN KASH and Canadian users can be part of the early sign up for the KABN Visa Card (with further territory expansion in discussion).

"The launch of Liquid Avatar is a major milestone for the Company as we look to empower individuals to manage, control and benefit from the digital identity and personal data," said David Lucatch, CEO KABN North America. "With over 5 Billion people online and the global landscape evolving to put control of user information back in the hands of those that own it, coupled with the need for digital identity management growing daily, we believe that Liquid Avatar will provide users, vendors, governments, eCommerce program and others with the ability to easily and efficiently interact while preserving safety, security and data integrity."

As a verified platform, an individual user of Liquid Avatar can only have one account (with possibly multiple digital personas) which potentially reduces the ability for bad actors to create bots and fake accounts. Liquid Avatar users know that when they use and interact with other Liquid Avatar users, they are dealing with real, known people.

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While Liquid Avatar is free to consumers and KABN and Liquid Avatar never sells or rents data, the Company believes that verified, known users can create increased value for themselves and select marketers and vendors as they look to reach real people and not fake users or bots. Through the Liquid Avatar platform and approved, permission-based communications, Liquid Avatar will offer up value-based opportunities users can select. At the same time, Liquid Avatar partners who want to reach real, known users will be willing to provide increased value as they won't be spending money to reach fake users and bots.

KABN NA will earn potential revenues through card transaction fees, comarketing, bounties, commissions, and other fees paid by partners and vendors. The Company believes that other consumer and revenue programs will emerge as Liquid Avatar gains traction in the market.

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