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KABN North America Partners with Indicio to Build Liquid Avatar’s Verifiable Credential Ecosystem (LAVCE)

KABN | Cara Buckspan | Feb 3, 2021

KABN and Indicio tech verifiable credentials - KABN North America Partners with Indicio to Build Liquid Avatar's Verifiable Credential Ecosystem (LAVCE)

Platform will empower consumers, governments, and business to manage, issue and verify digital identity and personal data.

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / February 3, 2021 / KABN Systems NA Holdings Corp. (CSE:KABN) (OTC:TRWRF) (FRA:4T51) (the "Company", "KABN North America" or "KABN NA") (, a North American Fintech solutions company specializing in empowering individuals to manage, control and generate value from their biometrically-verified Self Sovereign Identity ("SSI") through its Liquid Avatar ( platform, is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Delaware based PBC (Public Benefit Corporation), Indicio (, a professional services firm specializing in decentralized identity architecture, engineering, and consultancy. Together, the team will build and launch the Liquid Avatar Verifiable Credentials Ecosystem ("LAVCE"), to support and enable online identity assurance which includes a digital credentials wallet and platform for issuers, verifiers, and individuals to support the issuance, verification, and management of verifiable credentials for digital identity.

The Company believes that digital identity is addressable to 100% of the online market. This solution is one of the first global platforms to support governments, healthcare, workplaces, hospitality and other businesses and organizations as they begin to issue digital credentials and to empower users, at no cost, to manage and take full control over storage and use of these credentials, their digital identity, and personal data.

Using the LAVCE, individuals, or "holders" will be provided with a digital wallet that will be able to, within Liquid Avatar, support a wide range of verifiable identity and other digital credentials based on the Trust over IP ( open-source governance and technology stacks, to which KABN is a steering committee member, and industry standard data models.

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Together, with the Liquid Avatar app and its high-quality digital image icons that can represent various facets of a user's personality, the system will usher in new tools and services to create verifiable digital identities allowing for new and innovative ways for users to create a holistic profile of themselves that they manage and control, through self-defined personas. KABN North America will pay for the build and operate the LAVCE and the new verifiable identity credentials program creating an open-source solution to drive industry adoption and support standards that everyone can build to. This program is expected to ultimately replace the Company's current KABN ID solution.

"With over 5 Billion people online and about 400 million people in the US and Canada the world continues to get smaller through increased digital presence and opportunities. Providing individuals with a no-cost service that allows them to prove who they are and verify, manage, control and generate value from their digital identity has the potential to create significant consumer and commercial opportunities," said David Lucatch, CEO KABN North America.

"The creation of the LAVCE and our new digital identity credentials align with our goal to make Liquid Avatar engaging and simple to use as governments and industry continue to move swiftly towards adopting increased levels of security, regulation and compliance, enabling consumers to control their identity and data usage. This program also supports our industry efforts with the Trust over IP Foundation, Lumedic Exchange and other company efforts."

Liquid Avatar will be releasing its live, open beta app globally in Google Play and Apple App Store on February 18, 2021, subject to all final approvals. The LAVCE is expected mid-spring as part of Liquid Avatar's ongoing release schedule.

Using the LAVCE, issuers, like governments, workplaces, financial services, and others will be able to issue verifiable credentials that are linked to a holder's verifiable identity credential, creating a higher level of security and safety. Verifiers who want to make sure that an individual has the credential and is who they say they are will be able to scan a Liquid Avatar icon and to request a verifiable presentation to determine acceptance.

"We are excited to be working with KABN and the Liquid Avatar team to build and deploy the Liquid Avatar Verifiable Credential Ecosystem to enable issuers, verifiers and consumers to use verifiable credentials to deploy digital identity solutions that preserve privacy while enhancing security and safety," said Heather Dahl, CEO Indicio

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"Liquid Avatar and the LAVCE will potentially provide a paradigm shift in the way that individuals manage, control and use their digital identity and will be interoperable with a host of emerging ecosystems and solutions through its open-source protocols," said RJ Reiser, Chief Business Development Officer KABN North America.

"We believe that our digital wallet will be a foundational piece that will empower consumers to fight against fraud in all its forms. Working with Indicio and its world-class, industry leading team, we will be creating one of the world's first consumer facing digital wallet programs that will enable issuers, verifiers and consumers to easily and simply adopt and deploy verifiable identity and additional credentials solutions."

Liquid Avatar, available at no cost to consumers, makes it easy for individuals to start and maintain the process of managing their SSI/digital identity while giving users the ability to share it with their friends, family, colleagues, and others easily, safely, and cryptographically secure through biometrically enabled Self Sovereign Identity tools and services.

The Liquid Avatar platform allows users to create high quality digital icon representations of the various facets of their online personalities and identity, which can be used to easily share what they want, when they want, and with whom they want. Liquid Avatar users will also be able to create digital wallets to manage and store a wide range of verifiable identity and access credentials, and to take their conventional identity online, allowing users to prove themselves as easily and effectively as they do in the "physical world".

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