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Kickstarter Acquires Huzza, Opens First International Office

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We have two big announcements to share with you today. First, we’ve acquired Huzza, a really exciting company that shares our vision of serving independent creators. And second we’ve opened our first international office, based in Vancouver, Canada.

Huzza was founded in 2015 by two talented entrepreneurs — Justin Womersley and Nick Smit — who set out to bring musicians and their fans closer together through live video. When we first experienced the product they built, it immediately struck a chord. It was intimate, it inspired personal connection, and it was clear how it would strengthen the best parts of Kickstarter while bringing our community to life in new ways.

So last year we teamed up to bring that experience directly into Kickstarter, and together we launched Kickstarter Live. In the few months since introducing it, hundreds of creators have invited tens of thousands of new fans to tune in to live broadcasts — from intimate musical performances, and live product demos, to instructional gameplay tutorials, and private dance rehearsals. Check out the upcoming streams here.

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These behind-the-scenes invitations into the creative process have brought artists and audiences closer together, and helped creators generate greater support for their ideas at the earliest stages of development. The average viewer spends more than 16 minutes per stream engaged with creators. And those creators have have enjoyed a 74% success rate — more than twice the site-wide average. It’s still new, but we’re excited where it’s trending.

With the acquisition of Huzza, Justin and Nick now join Kickstarter full-time to develop Kickstarter Live in exciting new directions. We’ve opened a new office in Vancouver’s historic Gastown neighborhood where they’re building a team of engineers and designers to help them lead that work. Join us! We have a number of openings in Vancouver right now.

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share save 171 16 - Kickstarter Acquires Huzza, Opens First International Office

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