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Kickstarter in the UK: The First Month

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Yancey Strickler and Fred Benenson ·

kickstarter 300x165 - Kickstarter in the UK: The First Month

On October 31, 2012, Kickstarter opened to projects from UK-based creators for the first time. How has it gone? Let’s have a look at what transpired in the first month.


Statistics for projects from UK-based creators (October 31, 2012 — November 30, 2012)

Total Pledged: £2,069,164
Total Backers: 45,799
Launched Projects: 407
Successfully Funded Projects: 30

In Kickstarter's first month in the UK, an amazing £2 million was pledged to UK creators. That works out to £48 in pledges each minute.

Of the 400 projects that have launched, 30 have already been successfully funded and many more are on their way. A public art project called the Chime Pavilion was the first successfully funded project, with triple its funding goal. The very first project to launch, a hardware project called Picade, was successfully funded with £74,000 pledged — double its funding goal.

Projects have launched from creators all across the UK, including Belfast, Brighton, Cambridge, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Hull, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Nottingham, York, and other places in between. You can see all UK projects listed here.

Location of UK creators' backers (Based on user settings and IP addresses)

Nearly 50,000 people have backed a project from a UK creator. Where are those backers located? Here's a breakdown:

UK backers: 39%
EU backers: 23%
US backers: 23%
Other areas: 15%

To date, 39% of backers have come from within the UK and 61% have come from outside of it. (For US projects, 78% of backers have been from the US and 22% outside of it.) Of the EU countries, Germany, Sweden, France, Denmark, and the Netherlands are home to the most backers so far.

Projects from UK creators are finding support from local backers and being discovered by people all around the world. We're thrilled by their success. Thanks to the hard work of creators and the support of their enthusiastic backers, an amazing array of new creative works are already coming to life. Congratulations to all of them, and cheers!

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share save 171 16 - Kickstarter in the UK: The First Month

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