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Knnct – Democratizing mortgage financing

NCFA - FFCON20:  RISE | Samuel He | Aug 12, 2020

FFCON20 Fintech Draft shortlist Knnct - Knnct – Democratizing mortgage financing

For over 50 years, the mortgage sector has relied on very traditional business methods. This involves hard copies of mortgage applications and reliance on personal relationships to source deal flow. Furthermore, teams of people are needed to analyze & filter deals and communicating/sending documents through email and fax.

This process can be burdensome for both lenders and brokers. Without personal relationships, brokers frequently have little option but to resort to cold calling or emailing lenders looking for opportunities.

Knnct tackles this problem by offering a new and more efficient digital alternative. The company has re-imagined the mortgage process with its two-sided peer-to-peer platform for both mortgage brokers and lenders.

They use digital documents and apply AI techniques to digitally analyze and filter data to match the right deal with the right lender.

Knnct’s value proposition for brokers focuses on two aspects. One is to offer unparalleled access to lenders, and the other is to provide a platform that emphasizes transparency and efficiency.

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Brokers begin by creating a mortgage application and posting a deal to the platform. The proprietary algorithms will then analyze & identify licensed lenders whose lending criteria match each deal. Brokers can create applications and upload supporting documents for clients all in one spot on the platform. Deals can be closed all without leaving the platform.

Knnct’s value proposition for lenders also focuses on two aspects. One is to offer them unparalleled access to brokers, and the other is to provide low-cost business development channels.

The platform’s algorithms find mortgage deals from brokers that the lender doesn’t have a relationship with. If the lender finds a deal they like, they have the option to quote it. If the broker accepts, they can move forward with the process. This helps generate new business channels for lenders who are no longer tied solely to their existing network of brokers.

The mortgage process has truly been revolutionized with Knnct’s digital approach. Thanks to their efficient platform, deals usually occur in less than 24 hours and generate good offers for brokers and lenders alike.

Now, if you want to know more about Knnct, see them at FFCON20 RISE Fintech Draft. If you like what you see, toss them some stars and give them your votes.

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