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KnowRoaming aims to disrupt travelling with a brilliant little SIM sticker (1200+ backers)


MobileSyrupDaniel Bader  |  October 11, 2013

KnowRoaming stickers 2There is something exciting about being able to travel the world knowing that your phone — the thing you’d rather lose less than your wallet — will work wherever you go.

KnowRoaming is a new startup based in Toronto that posits that very thing: the ability to use one SIM card in your home country and benefit from local rates when travelling, without having to concern yourself with paying for another SIM card or fiddling with carrier roaming packages.

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gen 2The idea is pretty compelling, and the team, who found themselves stuck between the convenience of their own carrier and the discounted price of others’, figured they had a solution.

The KnowRoaming sticker is an adhesive that attaches to the pins of your existing SIM and interacts with your unlocked phone to seamlessly switch between networks depending on your location.

It works by interfacing with your unlocked phone’s baseband — yes, your phone must be unlocked for KnowRoaming to work — with a tiny piece of software on the chip itself. When you get to another country, the sticker will elect to become the primary SIM card in your phone, interfacing with local carriers at rates far better than your Canadian provider’s.

The KnowRoaming team has negotiated agreements with network providers in nearly every country that offers voice, text and data services, and while prices are pay-per-use, the SIM merely needs to be loaded with funds (which never expire, unlike many local prepaid SIMs) through the companion apps.

“With the KnowRoaming sticker, never again will you have to search for Wi-Fi, buy a local SIM card or be shocked by international roaming charges.” -Greg Gundelfinger, CEO

KnowRoaming CEO, Greg Gundelfinger, is well versed in the frustration Canadians face when roaming. Despite recently-lowered voice, text and data prices to the U.S., it is still extremely expensive to emulate one’s home usage. Travelling to Asia or Europe is even more difficult.

KnowRoaming how it works

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