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Latest Trends in Online Gaming

Guest Post | Feb 1, 2022

gaming NFTs - Latest Trends in Online Gaming

Only in 2021 that NFTs and digital tokens came to mainstream attention, and the industry has continued to grow in all forms ever since. One of the reasons NFTs have continued to grow in their relevance in the digital space is the decentralized nature of allowing space and making it easy for netizens to own and sell digital content on the internet. This is an entirely new commercial system considering how the contents are to be logged into the blockchain, while every purchasing transaction and sales are recorded on-chain. With the impact of technology, digital tokens like NFTs and decentralized currencies have brought about modernization in the investing art-making and ownership world. While it continues to be a mainstream sensation, here are some trending updates in online gaming spaces like NFTs and digital tokens.

Top Digital Tokens to Deal in NFTs

Since NFTs became of mainstream interest, the cryptocurrency that has been the social currency for bidding on and buying NFTs has been Ethereum. The foundational structure of this network is due to most NFTs being hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. But, with the expansion of the metaverse, more marketplaces for NFTs are launching to host NFTs on their base.

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What this latest update on digital tokens means in the crypto-verse is that the NFT marketplace will be expanded to include other cryptos aside from Ethereum. Some of the upcoming NFT-relevant tokens include but are not limited to;

  • MANA
  • SAND
  • ENJ
  • GALA
  • CHZ

With the growing pace of these tokens, unarguably, NFTs will be occupying a more solid space in digital art, collectibles, and investing in the future.

CyproTech has made it Possible to Own and Trade Digital Arts

This has been a major sensation among investors, dealers, and buyers of NFTs. The interest in purchasing NFTs is connected to it being hosted on CryptoTech. With the decentralized nature of the crypto-verse, this is also applicable to NFTs as it is prone to price manipulation in favor of their dealers. Presently, crypto tech has designed an avenue for digital artists to market their arts (images, videos, games, and songs), and other collectibles and monetize them at will.

Another thing that has continued to help in building the interest and popularity NFTs enjoy today has been as a result of the crypto tech. It has helped to draw the attention of netizens to NFTs, introducing new crypto users to NFTs as a new medium for investments and helping owners of intellectual properties and collectibles to monetize their work in direct exchange with buyers.

Arguably, the mainstream impact NFTs enjoy on the internet today is a result of the crypto tech which is the machinery behind its growing impact.

NFT Gaming

For many, you may be wondering about the relationship NFTs have with gaming. We live in a digital world where everything is moving at a very fast pace; even in the gaming industry.  Checkout this list of online gaming for real money where you can see digital currencies a reality.  Key players are always looking for the best ways to introduce new technological trends like NFTs and digital tokens into the gaming industry.

The surge of attention NFTs continue to receive on the internet has brought about a new trend in the gaming industry with lots of games being built around NFTs. What this means is that, as NFTs continue to receive mainstream attention, more NFTs will be integrated into new and existing games which is creating a potential for change in how game marketplaces operate.

Increase in Play-to-Earn Gaming

The growth and attention surrounding NFTs have brought about a recognizable change in the gaming industry. Today, there are now games that players can engage with and earn money from them. Some of these games including Axie Infinity and Blankos Block Party are leading this new trend. Now, by playing a game, players can earn points named Smooth Love Potion which is also a cryptocurrency that can be sold on the crypto marketplace to earn real money. With the growth of NFTs, the gaming industry is becoming one place for newer NFTs projects.

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Each day, newer NFT projects are popping up causing a constant change and growth in the space. As newer NFT projects continue to emerge, there is more reason to believe that it will be experiencing a long and interesting future. As a gaming enthusiast who is also crypto-inclined, you no longer have to feel lost in your world any longer. You can now enjoy the fun of virtual gambling and the rewards that integrating NFTs or digital tokens into them brings.

As the interest in NFTs and digital tokens increase, it is believed that more gaming platforms will blend the two together and provide the best possible gaming experience for users. Also, more gaming platforms will allow users to pay with and earn crypto coins while enjoying their favorite games.

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