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Lemonade and Other Leading Insurtechs Form Coalition

Insurtech | Dec 4, 2023

Insurtech coaltion - Lemonade and Other Leading Insurtechs Form Coalition

The InsurTech Coalition launches with leading insurtech companies including Boost, Branch, Clearcover, Lemonade, and Root Insurance.

The InsurTech Coalition, announced through an open letter to the insurance industry, positions itself as a pivotal voice in the industry and emphasizes the need for agility and the ability to adapt to the ever-changing needs of modern consumers through advanced technology.

Coalition's Objectives

  • The formation of an innovative InsurTech Coalition represents a significant collaborative effort among leading insurtech companies to drive the industry forward.  Since the announcement, additional insurtechs have joined including Indigo, Vouch, and Amplify.
  • A core tenet of the Coalition is the responsible use of technology in insurance, ensuring that advancements benefit consumers and the industry ethically.

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  • The Coalition aims to empower consumers with modern tools and transparent practices, enhancing their experience and protection.
  • Collaborate with regulators to build frameworks that support new technologies while prioritizing consumer protection is a primary goal.
  • A commitment to make insurance products more accessible and affordable, addressing the needs of diverse communities.

Founding members:

"This is not a time for complacency.  We invite all like-minded insurtech advocates to join the InsurTech Coalition to empower customers, advocate for innovative ways of doing business, and advance positive changes in the insurance environment."

Why It's Important

The launch of the InsurTech Coalition signals a shift towards a more collaborative, innovative, and consumer-focused approach to insurance. By uniting the strengths and visions of leading insurtech companies, the Coalition aims to redefine the insurance landscape, making it more adaptable, transparent, and inclusive.

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This initiative not only promises to enhance the consumer experience but also sets a precedent for how technology and innovation can be harnessed responsibly in the insurance sector.

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