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Lending Arch, CEO Arti Modi, Joins National Crowdfunding Association of Canada’s Advisory Board


NCFA Canada About Us | Board of Directors | Feb 29, 2016

Arti Modi, Advisor, Lending Fintech

Arti Modi, Advisor, Lending Fintech

TORONTO, MARCH 3, 2016 – The National Crowdfunding Association of Canada (NCFA) today announced that Arti Modi, CEO of Lending Arch, has joined the Association’s Advisory Board as Advisor, Marketplace Lending. She will also participate in the national Ambassadors Program, which recognizes leaders, educators, supporters, and advocates of the Canadian crowdfunding industry within regional communities across the country.

“As consumer finance continues to evolve through technology innovations and data advancements, marketplace lending will gain rapid momentum this year,” said Craig Asano, founder and executive director of NCFA Canada. “Lending Arch is positioned to disrupt financial services incumbents through its new type of lending platform that leverages a competitive edge with proprietary underwriting for prime and future prime borrowers. Their database technology provides customized, affordable loan options to responsible Canadians. As a result, we are thrilled to be working with Arti and her team to bring further thought leadership and FinTech options to the market.” ​

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“Lending Arch, an emerging Canadian FinTech company is led by trailblazing founder and female CEO, Arti Modi. “Marketplace lending is demonstrating how banking is necessary, but banks in the traditional sense are becoming less relevant,” stated Modi. “Lending Arch has built a new type of lending platform for a new generation of borrowers. Our disruptive borrowing system merges new technology real-time, with non-traditional data. This hyper-personalized customer service platform values people’s future potential – not just their credit score. I look forward to bringing financial advancement to Canadians through full transparency and lower rates.”

Modi’s thought leadership and global business intelligence is highly regarded within the FinTech space and her customer-centric philosophy is the driving force for one of the most hyper-personalized lending tools in Canada. Recently listed as one of Alberta’s Need to Know people, she is also co-founder of OmniArch, a contemporary investment firm managing over 5,000 Canadian investors and more than $400 million in portfolio assets.


About Lending Arch

We want people to live in a world where they can thrive. We want people to know banks are not the only ones lending. We are a digital finance platform and we are giving ordinary people like us, the extraordinary opportunity for financial advancement. LendingArch.ca  is a marketplace lender who rewards financially responsible Canadians with hyper-personalized, affordable loan options. LendingArch’s competitive edge is the ability to underwrite prime and future prime borrowers. Devised for a genesis of new thinking consumers, Lending Arch is humanizing the banking eco-system and creating innovative financial health programmes driven by non-traditional data. The platform was founded by an ensemble of global entrepreneurs, investment architects and is spearheaded by a team of expert millennials in the financial technology space. For more intel, please visit www.lendingarch.ca.  You can also follow us @lendingarch.

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About National Crowdfunding Association of Canada

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