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Life Isn’t Linear: Curveballs and Strikeouts

Linkedin Newsletter, Tony Robbins | May 1, 2023

Tony robbins - Life Isn't Linear:  Curveballs and Strikeouts

Image: Tony Robbins business card at 13 years old

You never know when the curveball could be the catalyst for achieving the life of your dreams.

For anyone out there stuck on life not going as planned, or fearful of starting out, remember your curveball could actually be your greatest catalyst toward the life of your dreams.


Life isn’t linear. 

It’s OK to strike out (as long as you pivot!) 

And always aim to see yourself not as you are, but who you can become. 

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Tony's story outlines three key lessons:

  1. Life is not linear: Our lives and careers rarely follow a straight path, often taking unexpected twists and turns. We should embrace this unpredictability and adapt to it.
  2. Striking out doesn't mean losing the game if you can pivot: When faced with setbacks, it's essential to reassess our goals and find new ways to achieve them. For Robbins, this meant shifting from a focus on sports to a career in motivational speaking, using his passion for helping people to drive his new direction.
  3. See yourself not as you are, but who you can become: It's important to recognize our potential for growth and development, and to surround ourselves with people who see our potential. Robbins' high school speech teacher saw something special in him and encouraged him to participate in a regional competition, ultimately setting him on the path to his current career.

Robbins' message is one of resilience, adaptability, and self-belief. He encourages readers to embrace life's unpredictability and see setbacks as opportunities for growth and transformation, ultimately leading to the realization of our dreams.

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