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Liquid Avatar Releases Major Update to their Digital Identity Mobile App

Liquid Avatar Technologies | Cara Buckspan | Sep 30, 2021

Liquid Avatar digital identity mobile app - Liquid Avatar Releases Major Update to their Digital Identity Mobile AppToronto, Canada – TheNewswire - September 30, 2021 -Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc. (CSE:LQID) / (CNSX:LQID.CN) / (OTC:LQAVF) / (FRA:4T51) (“Liquid Avatar Technologies” or the “Company”), a global blockchain, digital identity and fintech solutions company, today announces a major update to the Liquid Avatar Mobile App, available shortly in the Apple App Store and currently on Google Play. The new release provides a completely revamped user interface and experience. When combined with the recently announced Liquid Avatar Wallet, consumers can use verifiable digital identity credentials anchored in blockchain technology to share information, like health testing, vaccination records, government identification, and other personal information and data, in a way that is resistant to fraud, highly secure, and privacy preserving.

Launched earlier this year as a pilot program to garner user feedback, the Liquid Avatar Mobile App has over 13,000 initial downloads. It enables online users to manage their different online personas and only share what they want, when they want and with whom they want ™.

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This major update, which now forms the basis for full commercial rollout, provides consumers with the ability to use a personal digital wallet to hold different types of verifiable identity credentials. These can be digitally verified for authenticity and accuracy without the owner having to divulge personally identifying information (PII) to the person or business that is doing the verification.

“We’ve listened to users, we’ve listened to government, and we’ve listened to the business community. We believe that Liquid Avatar Technologies has delivered the best-in-class digital verification solution for the emerging digital and privacy standards of businesses and governments today—and one that will help them achieve their roadmap for the future,” said David Lucatch, CEO—Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc.

“From the beginning, our goal has been to provide consumers with a cloud-based platform and services that gives them full control over their information and privacy, and protects them against loss, damage, or theft. I believe that we’ve achieved that—and we’ve achieved it at no cost to the consumer.”

New and updated features of the Liquid Avatar Mobile App include:

- A completely revamped login, and user interface that employs facial recognition and verified email to deliver an easier, seamless digital experience.

- The ability to share any of the personas associated with an avatar by QR code or through email, messaging, and social channels, simply by selecting them.

- Enhanced privacy and data control that allows complete control over data and privacy through verifiable credentials — all with the tap of a button from a person’s biometrically controlled digital wallet.

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- Once a credential is added to a wallet, a person can select which personal information to provide from each of their credentials (address, contact methods, social media, etc.) when they receive a request from a verifier.

- Safe and secure, biometric access to digital personally identifiable information (PII) as needed. A digital wallet that is managed and controlled only by the individual owner, providing the ability to prove to any verifier their name, address, email, age, health information and more, in one place.

- Customizable Avatar experience — you can now choose to start with an avatar or go back later and determine what avatar best suits each of your profiles.

- Simple way to connect securely to others — users can scan a credential with a QR code to start the blockchain based verification process.

- Complete the cashback form for instant access to KABN KASH — over 600 merchants providing discounts on name brand items.  Users can get great discounts and online savings providing in app opportunities earn cashback and rewards.

- Enhanced AR experience — users will be able to see unique offers and virtual rewards, coupons, and other discounts at physical locations, creating value for local merchants, tourist destinations and other opportunities.

- Interoperability allows credentials to be used across a wide range of verifiers and regions increasing portability and use globally.

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- Enhanced compliance and data management by country with rollouts starting in Canada, followed by the USA, EU and then globally.

- Additional features and benefits are currently in development and testing.

The Liquid Avatar Mobile App is powered by the Liquid Avatar Verifiable Credentials Ecosystem (“LAVCE”) and wallet, and it unlocks a new way of issuing, sharing, and verifying information, providing immediate benefits to customers as well as businesses and organizations. Businesses of all sizes can now interact with customers in a way that provides the highest level of assurance that the information shared is valid, while also preserving privacy and preventing fraud.

“A transformative technology like this is not a simple endeavor because it has to be inclusive: We needed to ensure that users could add credentials from a wide range of issuers and verify them around the world, not just locally,” added Lucatch.

“This significant update to the Liquid Avatar Mobile App provides a framework, together with the LAVCE and our upcoming SDKs, to create an interoperable system for holders, issuers and verifiers to be able to integrate with other apps, services and providers similar to card and payment networks and ATMs.”

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The Company recently made and announced an equity investment into, a global leader in decentralized Trusted Data Ecosystem development, and with their continued support, Liquid Avatar Technologies is developing its technology with the same data privacy principles and technical standards as the Province of Ontario’s plan for Digital Identity and following a similar roadmap. This means that the Liquid Avatar Wallet is designed to be interoperable with other identity credentials built using the same open standards and guidelines. The Company, as a member of the Digital Identification and Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC), Trust over IP Foundation, Good Health Pass, and other leading industry organizations, is on a path following the guidelines set out by the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework for digital identity and other leading organizations for global standards and interoperability.

To encourage future adoption by businesses and governments, Liquid Avatar Technologies will offer a software development kit (SDK) for both iOS and Android that can be embedded in, and power different apps, for use with corporate and government portals, and other solutions to make it possible for all types of organizations to support digital wallets and verifiable credentials easily and effectively.

The Company as a member of the Toronto Region Board of Trade has also become a partner in the We’re Ready Toronto program launched earlier this week to support businesses and individuals across the Greater Toronto Area to help them to get back to their everyday lives.

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