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Liquid Avatar Technologies Supports Ontario’s Approach to Technology and Standards for Digital Identity

Liquid Avatar Technologies | Cara Buckspan | Sep 13, 2021

Ontario announces covid verification initiative - Liquid Avatar Technologies Supports Ontario's Approach to Technology and Standards for Digital IdentitySelf-Sovereign Identity (SSI), Interoperability, Open Standards Central to Enabling Liquid Avatar Technologies and Others to Participate in Government’s Digital Credential Project

Toronto, Canada - TheNewswire - September 13, 2021 -Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc. (CNSX:LQID.CN) (OTC:LQAVF) (FRA:4T51) (“Liquid Avatar Technologies” or the “Company”), a global blockchain, digital identity, and fintech solutions company, today congratulates the Province of Ontario on the recent release of its technology and standards for a Digital Identity ecosystem. This government guideline “encourages private-sector market innovation” and should enable companies like Liquid Avatar Technologies who have existing digital wallets and digital identity solutions to carry government issued credentials provided they meet certain standards and requirements. Among these are: solutions that adhere to the highest online technology and security standards, adhere to key principles that support user privacy, enable self-sovereign identity to empower and protect users, are interoperable, and which incorporate open standards.

“Ontario is one of the first jurisdictions in North America to announce that it will issue and enable digital credentials"

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– and it has been a great experience working with the government on this both directly and through our role in membership organizations like the Trust Over IP Foundation, the DIACC and the Covid Credential Initiative,” said David Lucatch, CEO and co- founder of Liquid Avatar Technologies. “This is a fast-moving, exciting space to be in, and with the direction the province has set with these guidelines we believe the government, the public, and Ontario’s growing tech sector will all benefit.”

Liquid Avatar Technologies has been a part of the ongoing consultations around the province’s plan to introduce a digital identification credential by the end of 2021 – Digital ID.  Earlier this year, Liquid Avatar Technologies began to test its Liquid Avatar Verifiable Credentials Ecosystem (“LAVCE”) and Liquid Avatar mobile application to drive the provision of a digital wallet and digital identity, management and control solution for individuals and entities. These incorporate a fully functioning, self-sovereign platform that adheres to current technology standards and supports many of the themes and requirements articulated as both current and under consideration in last week’s Digital ID announcement.

On September 9th, the Company participated in the Linux Foundation Public Health Cardea project’s “interop-athon” and successfully demonstrated the LAVCE’s ability to issue, exchange, and verify digital health data with credential systems from other companies in the Cardea community. This accomplishment means that LAVCE’s ability to create and manage credentials for digital health information, such as proof of a valid COVID-19 test, vaccination, and/or exemption, can be used across multiple systems and platforms, thereby helping people to resume school, work, and travel in a way that increases public safety while preserving privacy and preventing fraud.

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LAVCE’s successful demonstration illustrated the power of interoperable verifiable credentials as a way that can transform how we share and trust digital health and other information. The LAVCE platform can be easily integrated into healthcare facilities, testing labs, government agencies, schools, sports arenas, transportation, trade shows, and workplaces to confirm health status in a privacy preserving way and assist in efforts to reduce new outbreaks.

Liquid Avatar Technologies is a steering committee and voting member of the Trust over IP foundation, founding and steering committee member of Cardea, Node Operator for the Indicio Network, member of the Linux Foundation, DIACC, the Covid Credential Initiative and other industry foundations, ecosystems, networks, and utilities.

“The province of Ontario has acknowledged that the private sector has a role to play in expediting their goal of issuing a secure digital credential by the end of the calendar year,” said Lucatch. “The LAVCE platform, which enables users to manage their digital wallet and digital identification solution has completed its industry and interoperability testing towards availability to individuals. We are excited and believe that we are ready to leverage our infrastructure to enable the success of industry, business and government digital identity and verifiable credential programs.”

As part of the Company’s efforts to support our communities, Liquid Avatar Technologies has become a partner in the Toronto Region Board of Trade’s We’re Ready Toronto initiative to support the ensure a safe and sustainable reopening and recovery in the region and will be conducting a member only workshop on September 23, 2021, from 11 am to 12 pm Eastern titled, Vaccine Passports and Future Digital Credentials – How to protect employees, customers, and businesses.

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