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Insights from scaling high growth, hybrid work cultures

Forbes | Jack Kelly | Mar 29, 2022

lynn oldham at stash - Insights from scaling high growth, hybrid work culturesLynne Oldham is a highly successful global chief people officer and business leader with 20 years of experience in strategic human resources leadership and key talent acquisition in various industries, driving profitable growth strategies for startups, private and public companies and international organizations.

She was the chief people officer of Zoom Video Communications, starting right before the pandemic outbreak in January 2019. The next three years at the company, which will forever indelibly be linked to the Covid-19 time period, was an interesting and exhilarating experience.  Hiring from anywhere has created “exciting” opportunities to diversify the workforce.

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Select lessons that revolutionized work from home

  • Hire fast, but never neglect quality or values fit.
  • Scaling is all about getting execution right, especially cross-departmental alignments. Diagnosis of a problem, root cause, solution, as well as clear definition of ownership is a rubric that works.
  • Transparent, clear and continuous communication is key.
  • Ensure all employees understand the value they are bringing to the company–from their direct manager, as well as senior leadership.
  • Do not underestimate the criticality of creating and perpetuating a sense of belonging for all.
  • Meeting hygiene is so important, including leaving time not to have meetings.

Oldham has recently moved to Stash, the investing, banking and education platform that empowers everyday Americans to invest and build wealth. Oldham, one of the country's most innovative and admired people leaders, is now the chief people officer and a member of the Stash executive team.

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She said about her new and exciting role, "Stash is uniquely positioned to change the lives of millions of Americans, giving the 99% more economic power. It's time to close the wealth gap.” Oldham, happy to be with yet another fast-growing, cool company, added, “I am ready to once again lead a company through transformative growth, so they can achieve and exceed their goals."

Krieg, CEO and cofounder of Stash, said in a LinkedIn article about the fintech startup:

Today I’m sharing that this flexible, hybrid way of working will be our go-forward model. Everyone at Stash has the choice to work wherever they would like. We are also looking to open office hubs around the country that enable people to gather as frequently as they want to share ideas cross-functionally and enjoy being together in person.

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