MaRS’ response to the potential crowdfunding exemption

By Kara Collins @ MaRS

March 11, 2013

MaRs2 - MaRS’ response to the potential crowdfunding exemption

In a previous post, we mentioned that the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) was in the process of reviewing a potential crowdfunding exemption to enable the issuance of crowdfunded equity for local companies, and that they had prepared a detailed paper for review and comment.

money globe 300x169 - MaRS’ response to the potential crowdfunding exemption

Essentially, the OSC was seeking feedback from anyone with an interest in the topic—company managers who may be interested in issuing shares/raising capital (“issuers”) as well as investors, including members of the general public, accredited angel investors, venture capital firms and other institutional investors, and the legal, financial and other advisors who support them.

As such, we collected input from our client companies, our team and our volunteer mentors (who include local leaders from startup companies, the early-stage investor community and the legal advisors who support us). On February 26, 2013, MaRS also held a stakeholder event where we provided an opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors from our community to hear the OSC present highlights of their potential crowdfunding exemption, and gave them the chance to provide direct feedback to members of the OSC on the concepts and questions described in their paper.

We thank all of our stakeholders for their valuable input!

MaRS’ submission to the OSC

After consolidating all the feedback we gathered at the event, we submitted our response to the OSC on March 8, 2013.

To view our full submission, click here.

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