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Marty Gunderson, Board Member

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Board Member

Marty is a president and chief consultant for Gunderson and Associations, where he provides advisory services in the exempt market finance industry in Canada.  The emphasis of his practice is providing guidance on creating marketable investment structures, securing distribution and ongoing investor relations.  With numerous successful financings to his credit, Marty has and continues to work with excellent companies interested in raising capital.  Mr. Gunderson has been in the financial services industry for 17 years, and has successful facilitated numerous of large financings in real estate, oil / gas service companies, apartment buildings, and mining He has built a robust network of exempt market dealers, representatives and professional services in the exempt market.

His extensive experience in the exempt market has lead to a number of leadership roles in sales and operations.  Marty has a deep knowledge of capital raising and distributing quality financial instruments.

Marty has developed and taught many industry courses, including a preparatory course for students taking the Exempt Market Representatives Qualifying exam.  As a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Marty has consulted numerous individuals and companies on financial, corporate and retirement strategies.  He has also taught hundreds of students on elements of financial planning, all across Western Canada.


share save 171 16 - Marty Gunderson, Board Member

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