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Mastercard’s Latest Crypto Credential Trademark Filing

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Mastercard and crypto - Mastercard's Latest Crypto Credential Trademark Filing

Mastercard's recent trademark filing indicates a continued and growing interest in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

  • Mastercard's Continued Interest in Crypto:
    • The payment processor plans to develop software that simplifies transactions involving cryptocurrencies and blockchain, aiming to streamline crypto transactions and foster seamless connectivity between Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs).
    • This move suggests a significant development, as it implies that Mastercard is moving towards making crypto payments more user-friendly, potentially onboarding millions to crypto, and signifies a potential disruptor in the market​​.
    • Building a Bridge:  Mastercard's move is seen as an attempt to establish a connection between conventional financial systems and the realm of digital currencies, offering improved accessibility and convenience to individuals and businesses involved in crypto transactions.
      • This endeavor, marked by its collaboration with different crypto firms and its investment in crypto tools, signals a significant step towards blending traditional finance with digital currencies.
      • This integration could potentially reshape how transactions are conducted and could push more financial institutions to adopt similar strategies​.

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  • Could have profound implications for fintechs, incumbents, and consumers:
    • For fintechs, it marks an increased involvement of a major player in the crypto space, which could lead to increased competition but also potential partnership opportunities.
    • For incumbents, it poses a challenge to keep up with or match this development, especially since other payment giants like Visa have also shown interest in the crypto market.
    • For consumers, Mastercard's development could simplify the process of crypto transactions, which has been a significant barrier to broader adoption, potentially leading to wider use of cryptocurrencies​​.

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